How’s it going good lookin’?

Not sure if you’ve heard, but theres a revolution going on.


Audrey Hepburn started it and Cara Delevingne is bringing it back, with a vengeance.

I am eyebrow obsessed. I don’t believe bigger is better when it comes to brows, but a girl with a perfectly defined set of arches is a friend in my books. Literally eyebrows frame your face. They are extremely important. Do not stop at waxing, threading or plucking. That is only the eraser before the masterpiece.



Brows for Bold Bad-A$$ Babes:

PRO TIP: Hit up your nearest Sephora location and ask the makeup artist to apply whatever product you’re eyeballing on for you. It’s a great way to try several different brows and get a tutorial at the same time.


Shape those arches

Whatever your choice of hair-ridding {waxing, threading or plucking}, you MUST rid of the excess prior to filling in your brows. I suggest a cold wax {I go to Frilly Lilly}. It helps to actually hold onto the hair and NOT your skin, leaving your arches well defined.

Tadpole brows, a HUGE no-no. No one should ever have them or ever have to look at them.

TIP: I HIGHLY suggest making an appointment with a brow shaper {The Brow Studio or even the Frilly Lilly girls are great too} and get a basic shape done. From then on all you need to do is clean up stray hairs.

For a basic shape:

  • Take the end of a shadow makeup brush, brow brush or heck even a pencil and rest it along side your nose vertically. Look in the mirror. The point at which it lands by your brow is where your brow should START.
  • Next, turn it slightly angle it so that it runs over the pupil and lands at the point at which the brow should PEAK.
  • Finally, angle it a touch more to the outer corner of the eye and the tip locates where your brow should END.

Buy the best brow product for YOU.

Of course I’ll show you what my favourite products are… however, you need to decide what suits your brow style. I personally love a slightly more makeup-ey bold brow on brunettes. Blondes and light brunettes go for a natural makeup look.eyebrownmakeup

{Brow Zings by Benefit}

This was the first eyebrow makeup I ever used. It is the BOMB for learning. The wax was all I used and it made for such easy application. It is fool proof and perfect for my eyebrow makeup training wheels. Highly recommended for beginners or busy bees always on the run.


{Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills}

I recently received this Brow Wiz and I absolutely love it. It’s perfect for a more natural-looking defined brow. Classic, defined and well put together, like every lady should be.


{Aqua Brow by Make Up For Ever}

Ub. Sessed.
The holy grail. I am in LOVE with this product. I have searched high and low, tried a million brow products and have settled on Aqua Brow. It glides on like butter and STAYS PUT.
Hot yoga class? No Problem. Rough night? Those brows will still be where they should be in the AM.
This product is smudge-proof, waterproof and lasts. It defines brows like no other and the pigments are on point. PLUS, literally a dot of this stuff will define your eyebrows. Some liquid brow products end up looking TOO make-uppy, but this one is just right. It takes a while to learn how to correctly apply the liquid but that’s what your friendly Sephora employee can help you with AND practice practice practice!!

Use the Right Tools

We’ve talked about the products. Now, an artist is no good without the right brush.

FIRST, you need some little scissors from a nail set {don’t freak out}. Next, you need a spiral brush. It’s like a mascara brush without the mascara, literally. I’m sure you can find a pack of them at Shoppers Drug Mart or Sephora. Use this brush to literally brush the brows UP {after you’ve gotten them shaped, obvi}. If you see some long hairs, trim them by cutting horizontally while the hair is standing vertically. We just want to TRIM the length. Then brush back into place.

SECOND, when it comes to applying product you need a stiff angled brow brush, like the one featured below. This is what you will use for applying the Aqua Brow or any liquid product you decide on.


After the product is on, let set a couple minutes.
Then use that spiral brush to, again, brush the brows into place.

Last… is a top secret brow tip.
 Clear drying MENS hair pomade….

Go to Shoppers or London Drugs and purchase a cheap hair pomade that DRIES CLEAR {or use your boyfriends…. something I’ve done and maybe he doesn’t know about until right now… hi babe}.

Rub your finger on the pomade and gently glide across your brow to seriously set that baby in place. Brush to set.

Look in the mirror and check out that girl staring back at you. Now she’s got it together, I mean check out those brows.


xxoo Drea Marie

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