Chokers Are Back With a Vengeance

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Remember those amazing ‘tattoo’ chokers circa 1998?

Yeah, you probably had a black one and a rainbow one cause I mean didn’t we all? You’ve also probably noticed their incredible comeback recently. Chokers started to emerge last year and I’m here to let you know they are back with a vengeance. I was seriously not on board at first… I felt like they were too abrasive, but then I realized how striking a sleek pony, choker and bold eye liner could be. Immediately I’m on my laptop searching relentlessly for the perfect choker.

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Myyyyy my my how the 1998 tattoo choker has transformed. Yes, she is still trendy but even more so is her grown up sister the black velvet choker or classy cousin the gold choker necklace. It really is a family affair. There are SO many different styles now

Today I’m laying out my fav choker options and I’m sure there will be one option that’ll compliment your style. 



Choker Necklaces


Okay so I recently bought a black velvet choker like the one above. I love it. It goes with anything. My GF was telling me that Garage actually has some cheap chokers so you can try out the trend to see if you like it wihtout breaking the bank. Also check out Forever 21 cause they have eveything, and for cheap

Best part? Chokers go with pretty much anything! Hair up, hair down, bold liner, sultry shadow, red lip, nude lip, casual t shirt + ripped jeans, slick black skinnies + silk tank & trench coat…


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IN ADDITION….. Chokers aren’t just jewelry anymore….

Move over lace-up top, the new 2016 ‘it’ shirt has arrived. Meet Choker Top. I’m LOVING this trend. Basically every 20-something year old celeb has rocked this style at least once in the past month. From shirts to dresses, you’ll be seeing this easy to wear style everywhere. 

KenGi's Choker Look



Choker Fashion

Pro Tip: When shopping for this style online make sure you’re searching ‘choker’ or ‘collar’ shirt/necklace.

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