Cauliflower Walnut NuPasta Recipe

cauliflower walnut nupasta recipe 3 by

  Okay did you read my post on nuPasta? GO READ IT. It’s revolutionized my diet. I can now satisfy my pasta cravings WITHOUT the added calories or gluten and I don’t feel like a glob after. Anyways, I explain all about nuPasta in that post I’ve linked above but, along with it, I had posted my “go-to nuPasta recipe”… which is still awesome but I’ve created a NEW recipe that is SURE to make your tastebuds twerk. Ohhhh my gosh. I’m not sure how to even explain this recipe. It’s earthy, interesting, tangy and bursting with flavor. Plus high in protein and low in carbs cause duh.  Let’s get to it. PS I’ve created a new recipe template, which you’ll see below, so now […]

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