DIY Beauty Hacks


Hey girl hey! SOOOO I had such a blast hanging out At Home with Kristyn Cole and talking all my fav DIY Beauty Hacks. However, I’m posting these secret beauty tricks today to make sure NO girlie misses out on them. Aaaaaaand here we go….. Okay so FYI, I’m not a DIY-er… BUT I do have some talent when it comes to DIY beauty tricks. Who doesn’t love easy, budget friendly beauty hacks that actually WORK?! I mean hello! I don’t know about you but sometimes I just don’t have the time or patience to try expensive beauty products that may or may not give me what I’m looking for #beautybuzzkill. Today I’m explaining what DIY beauty hacks I religously use and have worked for me.  Grapeseed Oil […]

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Music Festival Survival Kit


Hey lover How are you this AM?! Mid week…. But Spring is here and the weather is faaaabuluxe so hopefully you can get out & enjoy it! Speaking of enjoying things, a Music Festival Survival Kit is a MUST in order to actually enjoy it. SO, just like promised, here is my trusty collage of necessary items. You’ll legit need all of these things so grab your iPhone and start taking notes.       Festival Survival Kit // spark{le}    IN ADDITION… Survival includes makeup, I mean hello! The last thing you want to be worrying about when Jay Z takes the stage is whether your eye makeup is halfway down your face. We want to listen to Panda by Desiigner, not actually look like one… Think CREAM makeup rather […]

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IT’s THAT TIME OF YEAR // Festival Style 2016


Hey wild child It’s effing April. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!? Regardless, April marks the kick off of FESTIVAL SEASON!!!   Whether you’re frolicking amongst the palm trees at Coachella or navigating your way through the high rises at Governors Ball, one thing is forsure….. You’ve got to look good.    Thank gawwwd we have a liiiiiittle bit of time to get your outfits together but we’ve got to start NOW.   A couple things are certain, we have to look good and we also have to be PRACTICAL. Not being practical = complaining = no fun = you spent all this money on a ticket just to sulk. NOT HAPPENING. So first on the hit list is shoes. Flats. FLATSFLATSFLATS. ughhh and also try to cover your heels…. sounds weird but […]

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