Outfits for Leggings


FINE, the weather is cooling off. I’ll finally admit it. UGH but all this pumpkin spice talk has me in a fall frenzy and I thought we would discuss what everyone is thinking…… how can we wear leggings without looking OVERLY basic?

We’re all thinking it!

Leggings are SO PERFECT FOR FALL. Especially on days when you just can’t with pants. Plus maybe we’re still in the midst of shedding a couple unwanted summer lbs and we just want to be comfortable. 

So let’s all dig our leggings out from the back of the closet.


Outfits for Leggings // Tips + Tricks: 

Note: Leggings actually go with SO many different shoe/top combinations. Play around with it.


If you reeaaallllyyy want to wear a top that doesn’t totally cover your bottom, pick up a pair of simple black jeggings or skinny jeans. Zara and Rich & Skinny have super comfy ones.

x Buy Non-Athletic Leggings.
Okay so you don’t neeeeeeed to but I highly suggest buying a pair of non-lululemon, adidas, nike, reebok, etc. leggings. I LOVE my TNA leggings from Aritzia. There are subtle differences that will pull your outfit together. It’s difficult to mesh workout vibes with night-out-on-the-town vibes for a sophisticated trendy look. It’s all in the details people.

x Think Monochrome.
Okay notice the bottoms in my collage below are virtually all black? Leggings is when we want to think monochrome ie: one solid color. Especially if you’re a whole 5 feet tall like me. Monochrome will create a uniform show stopping impression.

x Dresses.
YES! Okay so since you have leggings, don’t go TOO LONG with the dress. It could look a little sack-like AKA unflattering. Plus, like, why leggings instead of tights then? Go a little shorter and pair with a heeled bootie OR thigh high black boots. 


Now for the shoes….

x Booties.
IF you don’t want to match your leggings + shoes you can get away with a neutral color bootie {taupe, brown etc.}. Try to match your top to either your leggings {think monochrome again} OR your booties. It’ll look more pulled together.
Also, mid calf booties are super cute as a casual look. Pair with jeggings and a turtleneck. {ps I have those studded Michael Kor boots and I die for them}.

x Stilettos.
This is where the NON-athletic leggings, or jeggings, come is super handy. Pair with pumps. I LOVE a pointed toe, same color pump for this look. It tricks the eye and you are SO ready for a night out. Pair with a top that covers your butt.

x Thigh Highs.
I LOVE THIGH HIGHS. If you’re tall, I envy you. Go out and buy some black knee/thigh high boots. SO trendy. If you’re shorter, AGAIN think monochrome, you can still get away with it. It’ll create a sophisticated look.


Outfits For Leggings


Outfits for Leggings // spark{le}




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