Drea Marie shares her VDAY FAVOURITES! Find out what she loves for Valentine's Day beauty and style ideas this year.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means it’s time for my VDAY FAVOURITES!!! Okay if you’ve been hanging around here for awhile then you know I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fanatic. I love love. But maybe I’ve had too many solo heart shaped pizza years or something, WHO KNOWS. Having said that, I do love a romantic look. Beauty + style are the two ingredients for a home run vday date night look. Tips for a feminine, flirty and sweet vday look: >> GLOW >> LONG LASHES >> PINK LIPS >> ROSY CHEEKS Don’t over do it. Save the drama for NYE and when you’re going to run into your ex. When it comes to the outfit, I’m dying for lace & sheer. Both are so sexy & […]

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MakeUp Eraser Cloth // But Does It REALLY Work.. and HOW?

Drea Marie shares whether she thinks the Makeup Eraser Cloth really works and HOW! Talk about a makeup revolution.

Hey you heyyyyy I’ve been busy planning this seasons blog posts and can’t waiiiiiit to share. BUT I need to talk about this MakeUp Eraser Cloth for a hot second. Who has one? Do you love it? So I have TWO. Two different kinds. I absolutely LOVE the idea of them and use BOTH interchangeably. I actually chatted about my Jane Iredale Magic Mitt a little in this post. But have you wondered if it ACTUALLY works? Like ACTUALLY removes the icky dirt and grime from your busy day? YAH SAME.     Well, I went searching. This is what I found.  This blanket-soft cloth removes all types of cosmetics – including waterproof makeup and mascaras – without chemicals or potentially hazardous removers. Just add warm water […]

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