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Welcome to my life+style blog.

Pour yourself a glass and let's get started.


Full name: Andrea Muzychuk. I'm a 30 year old girl born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, currently exploring Calgary, Alberta.

This is spark{le}, a fun, flirty blog dedicated to sharing secrets between girlfriends. We chat everything life + style from decor to beauty & health. I like to pair together high end items with budget friendly options to create something fabulous. I strongly believe sharing style secrets between girlfriends is key.

{this blog is dedicated to sharing my secrets with you. Adding the spark to your day, one post at a time.}

I believe in balance. Some days consist of salad and the gym. Some days are dedicated to Netflix and cupcakes. No decisions should be made before a cup of coffee… unless it’s whether to check Instagram or not. Always check Instagram. Studs are a staple. Skulls should be used, but not over done. And outfit proportions are a MUST ladies. Cover it up and expose two limbs at a time.

Lastly, I don't believe girls should play hard to get, {they should be hard to get}.


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  1. I’m excited about your blog! Can’t wait to see where it takes us. Fashion, food and fun. What more is there?