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READ IT IN 1 minuteI HATE walking into Sephora or MAC and staring at the 100+ brush types with no idea of what I ACTUALLY need or want. Not to mention they are $40+ each. I mean come on. I’m sharing which types of makeup brushes you ACTUALLY should pick up and an option that will save you hundreds.     ♡ PRODUCTS  BS-MALL Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set from AMAZON ARDELL Brow Brush from AMAZON  HIGHLIGHTER brush in Champagne off AMAZON ♡ OUTFIT DEETZ  BABATON blouse from Aritzia ♡ MUSIC  BIRTHDAY CAKE by Rihanna THANK YOU by Jay-Z PLZ Subscribe!!!! I’ll be posting more vlogs. Also comment below any questions or products you love! xxoo Drea Marie.


READ IT IN 2 minutesMY FIRST VLOG I filmed for the first time. And it was interesting. I’m kind of in love with vlogging. I was SUPER SKEPTICAL because a) hearing yourself speak on camera is the worst and b) I didn’t exactly know what I was doing.. at all. BUT SO FUN. Also, you’re able to get to know me a bit better. It shows a side of me thats different than just written words so we can connect on a new level. Enough sappy shit. I’m excited to show you this vid I recorded awhile ago and after some serious iMovie self teaching, we have our VERY FIRST VLOG. I chat while getting ready. I know. Riveting. I also break down my QUICK & EASY makeup routine […].


READ IT IN 1 minuteGot my long weekend vibes in FULL FORCE RN.  Also, I had the WORST WRITERS BLOCK YESTERDAY. Honestly. I sat at the computer for 3 hours just staring and googling things like “blogger inspo”, “blog ideas” and wound up with stuff like “post a cool infographic”. Guys. We’re cooler than that. These shitty ideas snowballed into me thinking DMB is stuck. So I poured myself a glass of rosé and took a step back. WHAT am I loving. This is what we like. That is why I started blogging. To share things that WE love. Not exclusive to beauty/fashion, but I want to include food, activities, brands, gossip. Anything. Move over infographics, let’s talk cool shit. x CLEAVER HAPPY HOUR // INSANE $5 cocktails + […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesMORNINGGGG I’m in the shopping mood, can you tell? Ha. But also I’m late to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale {sorry Janeil}, but what else is new right? IT’S OKAY THOUGH. There are still tons of bargains happening.  Yesterday I had to go return something at Nordstrom and immediately realized I should probably get my life together and look for deals now. Here we go!   FAV BEAUTY <br />   FAV HOME <br />   FAV HANDBAGS + ACCESSORIES <br />   FAV SHOES <br />   FAV TOPS + BOTTOMS + SWIM <br />   FAV DRESSES <br />   FAV ATHLEISURE <br /> And there we have it people. My top Nordy sale items. Now go get em’ before the sale ends August […].


READ IT IN 2 minutesONE WEEK ONE WEEK ONE WEEK. Do you have your tickets?! No idea what I’m talking about? K go check out my pre Packwood Grand party post to catch up. Meanwhile, I’ll be here sharing the most amazing cocktail recipes. THESE ARE SO GOOD. The Modern Julep is one that I know all you boys are going to absolutely love.  Serve these up before heading to Packwood to get into the horse racing spirit, but you can ALSO use these recipes for your next get together or outdoor BBQ. MY FAV is Uncle George’s G+T.  K let’s get pouring.  Packwood Grands lead mixologist, David Bain from Bridgette Bar, and I hung out the other day. He walked me through his pro tips and tricks on […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesHi gorg I’m letting you in on a little secret today. My stampede beauty breakdown. Listen. I believe the whole look good feel good mantra. Shame on me. Jk but honestly I think there is NOTHING wrong with looking good and feeling good! ALSO this isn’t exclusive to Stampede. Use this routine leading up to any summer event. Think birthdays, weddings, reunions, a random girls night out, anything. It’s not extensive, but it’s worked for about 7 years. So here we go.   A week before:  laser genesis + hair 4 days before: nails + brow tint 2 days before: Organic Tan spray tan Day of: Sally Hansen airbrush legs + GOSH sun disk   x Laser Genesis:  A few weeks ago I shared with […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesYou KNOW I’ll try pretty much anything for you.  HENCE why we need to talk about laser genesis. INTRIGUED? Yeah me too. Let’s start at the beginning. OKAY I seriously went in for dermaplaning. Remember when I wrote about how I shave my face? But I had never actually tried the highly praised dermaplaning process. So I needed to see if what I was doing at home is the exact same or NOT.  Then I met Stacey. Stacey is a licensed medical aesthetician. She knows what she’s talking about. We chatted about dermaplaning BUT you guys I was having a breakout near by chin, UGH, life right? Stacey was like well we could do some laser genesis instead and take care of that. UM. Come […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesHAYYY GIRL HAYYYYY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEEEKK! We all know I am obsessed with my birthday. It’s a time for cupcakes, bubbly, glitter, happiness, unicorns, basically everything extra. SO. To start off the week I’m sharing what is on my WANT LIST lately. Yes, it’s my birthday wishlist but also it’s new trends and products that I’m loving. Keep this close for yourself or even gift ideas for friends/family!! FYI I’VE LINKED EVERYYYYYTHING HERE + MORE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.  BUT FIRST, PROSECCO. We need a birthday drink. Remember at Xmas I talked about that amazing SPARKLY PURPLE {my fav color} Viniq? And again here. Mixed with prosecco it is AMAZING. Swirly, sparkly goodness. So yeah that’s on the menu this week forsure. BUBBLY + VINIQ […].

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