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Styling HIM: Advice from a male model {Joel Eden}

Good morning ladies AND gentlemen ;) What’s better then a handsome, well put-together, confident man? Not much. That is why this week’s post is all about styling HIM. Yes. We’re talking MEN. Well dressed men. Now ladies we don’t need to get all sulky and girl crazy about being single so this post sucks. I’m talking about styling your brother, your dad, your cousin, your best friends husband, your nutty uncle, your post man, your hot Starbucks barista and YES your significant other as well. Men, who better to give you fashion advice then another man? And girls who are STILL sulking, if I haven’t convinced you yet, atleast I got you some eye candy {I wouldn’t let you down ladies}. We are so lucky to interview Joel […].

Kaylor Betts and TNP Fitness. Let's Get It Girl.

Good Morning Beautiful! How are we this am? Feeling mighty fine I hope! One thing I’ve been avoiding is summer coming to an end. I mean, I’m not totally complaining because PSL {pumpkin spice latté} season is among us, which is totally awesome. Chic sweaters and cozy scarves are a couple of my favourite things. ESPECIALLY right now. Who else is feeling the after math of patio drinks, margaritas, taco tuesday and Steigl Radlers? Well, I am… right around the mid-section :| ANYWAYS, I’ve got you. Time to get it together ladies. Thank goodness for Kaylor Betts and TNP Fitness in YEG. Read below as we ask those tough questions to personal trainer {and nutrition guru} Kaylor on how we can lose that summer weight :) Girl Talk […].

My Girl Rachelle Diamond, The BBCAN2 Contestant

Morning sunshine! I know you all were itching during the week to see what I had up my sleeve for today’s post. WELL, you’re in luck. This MAY be my favourite yet. And it’s because I get to feature my best friend Rachelle Diamond, The Big Brother Canada 2 Contestant. Who doesn’t love a caring, witty, totally over the top stunner? I mean seriously, this girl has got it all. And I’m just lucky enough to be friends with her {totally awesome}. If you are any bit like myself, reality TV is a staple on the PVR. It’s hilarious, entertaining and I just always wonder what REALLY goes on behind the scenes. Well, my prayers were answered when my bestie was chosen from THOUSANDS to make it […].

Miss World Canada Contestant? Yes Please | Brieanna McCutcheon

Happy Saturday lovers! Not sure how many of you enjoy watching pageants alone on a Friday night, {vegan} ice cream included, BUT I sure do. And I’m always wondering how ALL the girls look SO fabulous. Where do they come from. Who are they and are they REALLY hair-spraying their bikini bottoms to stay put. {I mean really}. Well I have a girlfriend who participated in Miss World Canada 2014 I am insanely proud of Brieanna for the hard work and dedication she has put into her exciting journey. She is seriously gorgeous and always empowering the people around her to be the best version of themselves.{fun fact: she helped this blog launch…. yes you should thank her} ;) I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to interview […].

Welcome to spark{le} style blog

Welcome to spark{le} life style blog I am thrilled you could join to help celebrate the birth of spark{le} !!!!!! If you haven’t already, click here to learn a bit more about what it has to offer :) I want this to be a fun, free spirited, light hearted, loving blog that inspires you to try new things. Posts will start weekly and increase as time goes on. Feel free to ask questions by commenting below. Unlike my former teachers, I believe we should be chatty ;) So relax, unwind and get some beauty sleep because spark{le}’s first post goes live tomorrow. xxoo Drea Marie                              .

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