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TENTH DAY OF BLOGMAS: Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

READ IT IN 1 minuteHOLIDAY BAKING DAY!!!!! Pour yourself a cup of coffee, crank up the Christmas tunes and let’s get baking!!! Every single year I bake during the holidays. Even if I’m INSANELY busy. I’ve mastered the art of great baking that is super quick & easy. TWO out of the three are no-bake as well!!! I feel like I can’t explain just how much these recipes are loved. I am asked time and time again for the recipes. I guarantee your company will be gobbling these recipes up quicker than an elf on Christmas Eve. So let’s get started!!!       Peanut Butter Crunch Truffles       Pistachio Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookies       Santa’s Rocky Road Bars      LIIIIIKKKEEEE SO GOOD RIGHT?! […].

Turkey and Chickpea Skillet // EASIEST Protein Packed Dinner

READ IT IN 1 minuteSo November hey? That month stuffed between Halloween & Christmas. That month where we all panic post Halloween candy coma that we need to shop, decorate, SAVE, budget, bake, plan & mayyyyyybe lose a couple pounds for the Holidays. Sound any bit familiar? Well, you look fabulous anyways so skip the bootcamp and make this INSANELY healthy and QUICK dinner skillet for the fam. You’ll not only feel good about eating this instead of tater tots & spaghetti BUT it is so quick you can use that extra time during weekday evenings to browse Homesense or plan your holiday festivities. GENIUS.     When I say protein packed like I mean SERIOUSLY protein packed.  I created this recipe when I was attempting a black bean sweet potato […].

Totally BASIC Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

READ IT IN 1 minuteHey hey hey! So it’s crazy cold. WHYYYYYY, ugh. Let’s not dwell. It’s Saturday, we are ALL {hopefully} snuggled in blankies with hot coffee or tea watching documentaries + Netflix. PLUS WE HAVE A RECIPE ON THE BLOG TODAY! It’s Thanksgiving on Monday #YES, and maybe we are hosting the entire family for dinner. Maybe even hosting the in laws for the whole weekend? Well I try to help when I can and breakfast is something I do well. Especially when it comes to pancakes. This recipe is SO GOOD for Fall season. Make these pumpkin spice pancakes now and freeze them OR whip this recipe up in no time for breakky. So basic, cause that’s what PSL season is all about anyway right?   ALSO, MAJOR […].

Healthy Vegan Dressing Recipes x TNP Fitness

READ IT IN 1 minuteHello hello hellooooo I have an exciting post for you guys today. Super quick SUPER HEALTHY VEGAN DRESSING RECIPES from SCRATCH. Who doesn’t love a fresh, crisp, flavorful, FILLING salad on a hot summer day? Cheers of excitement!! wooooooOOOOO! No more Kraft or searching for something, ANYTHING, other then boring balsamic and olive oil.  Everyone say THANK YOU to Kaylor from TNP Fitness. If you don’t know Kaylor, he’s a bad ass personal trainer in Edmonton who started up his own personal training business AKA TNP Fitness. It’s pretty amazing. They run killer HIIT classes. Don’t miss my Girl Talk with him here.   NOW ONTO THE GOOD STUFF. Kaylor swears by these and uhmmm obvi I agree too. Green Caeser is our favvvvv.       […].

Bikini Body Guide 2.0

bikinibodyguide1READ IT IN 3 minutesOMG WE’RE LATE. That’s okay dont panic. DON’T. PANIC. Have I ever told you I’m a panicky person? Well now you know. OKAY, focus Drea. IT’S BIKINI BODY GUIDE TIME :| “Totttttessss should be hardcore dieting & working out by now but guess what I’m not and yolo.” This is the contradicting motto I live by daily.. anyone else? But hey, we still have liiiiike a month and a half-ish {lucky us Canadians} so let’s not go into a full blown panic attack and just eat healthy. That sounds good right? Slowwwwly put down the cayenne lemonade gorgeous, we don’t need it. Bikini Body Guide 2.0 *Note: Toss the scale. Seriously. Toss it.*  Track It. First off, let’s get our calculators out. Click here and input […].

Easter Decor, Style & COOKIES!!

READ IT IN 1 minuteHOPPY EASTER!!!! I know, so lame. Whatever. OMG so hello what are you doing for Easter?!  Church? Brunch with the in-laws? …. are you hosting? Girl don’t fret I’m here. Let’s pour a couple mimosa’s and get down to the nitty gritty. We’ve got t-minus 24 hours. Plenty of time to figure out what we are going to: a) bring b) decorate with c) wear     Uhhmagawwd I made these incredible birthday cake cookies this week and then it hit me… TOTAL EASTER-Y COLORS. What a saving grace. Go to my Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, and substitute the chocolate chips with 1/2 rainbow sprinkles and 1 cup white chocolate chips… bake about 13 minutes. Bring THESE instead of the typical last minute sack of Mini-Eggs {keep those for […].

Cauliflower Walnut NuPasta Recipe

READ IT IN 1 minute  Okay did you read my post on nuPasta? GO READ IT. It’s revolutionized my diet. I can now satisfy my pasta cravings WITHOUT the added calories or gluten and I don’t feel like a glob after. Anyways, I explain all about nuPasta in that post I’ve linked above but, along with it, I had posted my “go-to nuPasta recipe”… which is still awesome but I’ve created a NEW recipe that is SURE to make your tastebuds twerk. Ohhhh my gosh. I’m not sure how to even explain this recipe. It’s earthy, interesting, tangy and bursting with flavor. Plus high in protein and low in carbs cause duh.  Let’s get to it. PS I’ve created a new recipe template, which you’ll see below, so now […].

Obsession Confession: Hangover Helper Tea

READ IT IN 1 minuteHey you guys Okay so just wanted to pop in and say whats up. Oh and also share with you my latest obsession. Hangover helper tea. OMG it’s so good. I’ve been drinking it 24/7. It’s the Hangover Helper tea from DAVIDsTEA…. FYI I’m not drinking it 24/7 cause I’m hungover, scouts honor. But it’s actually THAT tasty. You NEED to get some ASAP!! Okay so it’s an Organic Maté tea. Rooibos, maté, ginger, lemongrass, apple mint, lemon myrtle, guarana seeds, dandelion root. Fruity, refreshing and oh so tasty for morning, afternoon or evening. It’s a mouth full of appley, gingery and lemoney goodness. Easy on the tummy.. AKA It really is the perfect hangover helper too ;)     Click below for more info on their […].

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