IT’S MY BIRTHDAY // & birthday outfit inspo

Drea Marie shares her fabulous birthday outfit picks.

GOOOOOOOD MORNINNGGGGG! OMG IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Thank you thank you. Who else is obsessed with their birthday? I mean, aren’t we all?! It’s the one day you can wake up to champagne, cake & a crown and NO ONE thinks it’s obnoxious. So I thought I’d share with you all my BIRTHDAY OUTFIT IDEAS!!! “OMG What r u gunna wear?!” I mean isn’t that the MAIN question us besties ask each other? Especially on our birthdays. But first let’s start off with a little birthday queen bevy!   Drea Marie’s Birthday Starbucks Order Ask for a Grande Soy Americano Misto with 2 pumps {sugar-free, if avail} toffee nut.  I wrote about this order last year and hellloooo it’s back again, obv. SO YUMYY. Plus the extra americano gives you the […]

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