Calgary based blog shares her holiday decor. Everything Christmas decor is up on the blog today including photos from her home!

Hey hey hey! Day 5! HOLIDAY DECOR! Many of you have been following along on social media {PS, if you haven’t been you totally should. links are on your right ;) }. Today I am opening up my door and showing you how I’ve decorated for the holidays this year.  About 80% of my holiday decor is from Homesense. No Joke. I am all about the GLAM holiday look. To get this, pair together metallic textures with glass objects, fur, and maybe some velvet too. On the tree I stuck with a theme; Gold and silver. Go for shiny/reflective. I found the ribbon from Homesense as well as the Cynthia Rowley ornaments. I ALSO splurged on a few AMAZING ornaments from Restoration Hardware & Pottery […]

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Drea is loving tech and her latest, greatest find are the Philips Hue bulbs. Thanks Cyber Monday. Click over to find out why.

So first the Ecobee and now Philips Hue. Hopefully soon the entire place is automated. Maybe soon I’ll have a robot who can bring me margaritas and popcorn while I have a hot bath.  I can’t wait. But until then, I’ll be playing with my Philips Hue bulbs.     I never really realized how necessary a hot pink bedroom and bathroom are. Hahaha no but honestly it is so nice to automate the lights. I don’t have to constantly get out of bed to turn them off or feel around blindly as I navigate to the bathroom int he middle of the night. So many toes have been saved from stubbing. So. Many. PLUS, I created a “scene” called Spa Day that is a mix of purple […]

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