GUYS. so I finally went and checked out the new Calgary Simons location really quickly but I still managed to find some AMAZING pieces.  Then I realized we haven’t even discussed spring 2017 trends. WELLL hello!! I have a few I’m actually digging and ways that I would mix them into my wardrobe AKA you totally should too. shirt dresses Basically, grab your bfs dress shirt, tie it at the waist and walk out the door. Okay maybe not actually, but thats exactly the style. Pair with some sneakers and you’re golden. I’m LOVING these Vince ones at Simons, thanks to my girl Taylor for pointing them out. stripes Any and every. We’re talking these kind of stripes. They are huge for the Spring season […]

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EVERYTHING Color Correction for $14

Andrea Ewanishan, lifestyle blogger from Calgary, explains color correction techniques that are used to create a flawless complexion.

Hay girl hayyyy So I tried this new thing and I’m obsessed with it. COLOR CORRECTION. Don’t be scared and also don’t think you CAN’T do it. You can, cause I can. Who here has wished they could have a perfect complexion for even just one day? You’ve come to the right place. OKAY and best part? YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND $312498 ON TOP BRANDS TO LOOK FLAWLESS! Step into my office.   Color Correction   I use the Color Correction Palette by NYX and I’m so obsessed. I actually had a nightmare my color correction palette’s colors all got smushed together and it was so devastating. I have issues. But honestly it’s so good and hELLO $14!?!??!?! It’s also so compact and portable. […]

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Summer 2016 Hair Trends

Drea Marie has all the Summer 2016 hair trends. Call your stylist NOW!

Hey Gorgey!! Spring + summer are such a breath of fresh air… literally. Also, can you believe I’m talking about SUMMER?!??!! I KNOW!!! MY FAV!!!! We’re talking summer 2016 hair trends. I loooove diving into summer with a bright & fresh hair cut + color. So call your hairstylist girl cause by the end of this post you’ll be craving a hair makeover STAT.     Summer Hair Styles x Braids // OMG EVERYWHERE. Braids braids braids. From the runway to everyday I’m seeing braids twisting and turning in every which way. So embrace it. Check out youtube and get braiding. x Straight Hair // aaaaaand Chi’s on, girls. Sleek, straight hair is in and I absolutely love this look. x Short Fringe Bangs // Talk about […]

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How To: Water Orchids. With Ice.


OMG okay so Mother’s Day is coming up REALLY fast and flowers are probably THE thing to get any Mom. It’s spring, moms like flowers, PLUS they are a quick + easy gift if you’ve been running around and {oops} totally forgot to buy a gift :|  … it happens. However, flowers can be high maintenance, ESPECIALLY ORCHIDS #diva. If you’re a mom yourself or gifting orchids this year, you’re going to love this tip. To help orchids last weeks on weeks on weeks, I’m talking a record orchid age here, don’t water them… just place 3 ice cubes in the pot near the root ONCE A WEEK. This way, the orchid can absorb the water very slowly. Just how it likes. Also, the exact same amount of water […]

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