Say Hello to Withings Thermo

Drea has found the new health gadget for 2017. The Withings Thermo. Find out why she is loving her and so will you.

Withings is back, back again. Today we’re discussing the Thermo by Withings. Okay you know that I’m into tech lately, but I’ve always been into health. Which is why I was SO HAPPY to get my hands on a Withings Thermo. SO let’s back up. Has ANYYYONE ever taken a temp and then forgotten it? I actually have the worst memory but I can’t be alone. OR do you have white coat syndrome but not the blood pressure kind, the kind where you get into a doctors office and blank on everything you need to say or explain and then panic cause ‘OMG I forgot to say this, this and this‘? UGH the struggle is REAL. So what if I told you you could cut that all out. Thanks […]

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Why You Need a Withings Activitรฉ Watch, Like Now.

I’m loving tech lately.  Like LOVING. Have you heard about Withings? Being the health conscious person I am, of course I want to share how it’s TOTALLY inspired me to get back on track.  I’ve tried fad diets, GUILTY. Haven’t we all? Maybe not. But I swear to goodness the only thing that works is eating healthy the majority of time. Diets don’t totally work. It’s a LIFESTYLE.  Post summer is always when I need inspiration to get back to the devoted healthy lifestyle I truly love. Sound familiar?  I’ve found that inspiration through Withings.   So a few months ago I purchased the Withings Body Scale. It syncs with your phone, you input your goals etc, and then weigh yourself. It took me a […]

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