Ted Baker x Chinook Centre Grand Opening Party


Morning lovely How are we?! September long already?!…  UGGGHHHHVHBV Whatever, I’m still going to eat ice cream for dinner.  Also omg have you all been keeping up on this PSL madness?! It’s kind of hilarious/super hilarious. “Stop premature pumpkin spicing” has now gone totally viral.  Amazing. I promise not to share my fav fall Starbucks recipe until the leaves have totally fallen. So please don’t premature PSL spam me.      MOVING ON. Who loves Ted Baker? Everyone right?  Calgary listen up.  I was recently invited to Ted Baker London’s official Chinook Centre kick off party.  UM the store is so sick.  Like SO COOL.  Ted, you did good.  Some 411 for my bffs: Ted is LOVING his florals lately.  I’m sure a lot of you know I’m […]

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