HI.  So, if you followed along this weekend, I met these two gorgeous girls and overheard them talking about instant botox. I heard one say, “I swear to god, instant botox. You know it’s my thing!” WELLLLLLL obviously I had to find out what the heck this was because WE NEED TO KNOW. EGG WHITES. Like from a store. She explained from start to finish in detail. She actually gets botox but between appointments when she has an event and her botox is not fully effective anymore she does this trick and swears by it. Crack an egg into a small bowl, throw out the yolk and whisk the heck out of it. Then, you apply the egg white to your face in an UPWARD […]

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How to Create the Perfect Flat Lay

Drea Marie is sharing how to create the PERFECT flat lay. Whether you're a blogger, photographer or avid Instagrammer, this is for you.

Today I’m spilling my tips + tricks on how to create the perfect flat lay. It’s mayyyyybe a little blogger/photographer directed. OR it’s also for anyone looking to step up their IG game. Cause we all know Instagram is life. JK calm down. Numero uno, it takes practice and TONS of playing around. BUT I can lay out {ha..ha} some pretty easy guidelines for you to follow to create the perfect flat lay. Wait what is a flat lay? A flat lay is a photography technique used to showcase products or tell a story. Basically it’s rearranging objects or materials on a surface in a way that captivates your followers/audience. I do a lot of flat lays. Like a LOT. And I’ve learned a few things. […]

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No Fail Teeth Whitening Tricks

Yoyoyo how are we this weekend?! Did you get your whitest white wardrobe? I’ve been loving mine. Speaking of white, we’re gunna continue with last weeks theme and talk alllllll about my teeth whitening tricks. Okay honestly, my teeth are white. Like WHITE white. Part of me doesn’t know why & part of me thinks it’s just the exact same routine I’ve been used to doing for the last 12 years. SO IM TOTALLY GOING TO SHARE IT WITH YOU. DUH.     Prepare yourself. x Okay FIRST. Crest Whitestrips. So I did the entire 14 day twice a day ordeal like in grade 10. Nowadays they have wayyyyy quicker treatments {7 day, 3 days etc.} The craziest part is that I did it ONCE. In […]

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