Oh hello, it’s been ummm WAY too long. I basically took on a full time job that I didn’t realize was a full time job. My Wedding. 100% worth it though. Ohhhh my goodness. Hands down the BEST day of my life.  Now I want to share with you all EVERRRYYYTTTHHING. From wedding shows to decor to beauty to tips & tricks I learned along the way. And I will. In parts. Because there is literally 3290487329 things to talk about. I went back and forth with how to break this all down. I’ve decided to actually SHOW you my wedding first, this way you can actually visualize what I had in my head the whole time. Then we can chat about EXACTLY how I […]

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I Am SO Over Grocery Shopping. Hello Chefs Plate.

Drea Marie is SO OVER grocery shopping. So she found Chefs Plate, a grocery/recipe delivery service in Calgary, AB. CHECK IT OUT.

But seriously. SO OVER IT. Not to mention the lines at Costco. On a Sunday. *eyeroll* So I started searching for anyway to avoid it and came across Chefs Plate. I had never had a meal delivery service before but loved the idea of Chefs Plate. They deliver recipes and ALL the groceries that go along with those recipes right to your door. PLUS it’s not just in Calgary… they deliver to Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, & Manitoba and they are expanding quickly. So you still cook it AKA it’s fresh for whichever day you want to make it but the prep is cut in half. Maybe even more than half.  NOT TO MENTION the number of times I’ve forgotten something I’ve needed for a recipe and sat on my […]

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