Live from Coachella 2015 {Wkend 1, Day 2}

Hey cutie Another fringe filled day done and I’m bringing you a quick update and sneak peek into the Coachella 2015 festival. Coachella 2015 Style These girls. Im totally digging everything about their outfits. Obsessed. Listen Day 2 was once again packed with awesome sets. Do not miss Deorro or Annie Mac. Annie Mac killed it inside the Yuma tent. You NEED to check it out next weekend. They have re done the tent to look like a high school gym dance party. It is everything. Lets see what we get up to today ;) xxoo Drea Marie.

Live from Coachella 2015 {Wkend 1, Day 1}

Hey babe How was your week? Busy? Stressful? Lacking Margaritas? Ugh what a drag. Well guess whaaaaaat. I’m bringing you the best pressie of all. Coachella. Yup. And you don’t even need to change out of those totally fab pjs. For those of you who unfortunately could not make it to the desert runway this year, I’ve taken one for the team and travelled {in style of course} to the land of fringe, feathers and lace. Buckle up sweetheart, it’s a 3 day posting spree. Coachella 2015 Pro Tips: Shuttle Pass. Get one. Super convenient if you’re staying near a shuttle stop. Best way to get there and back. Stay Monroe Palm Springs. Book like a year in advance you can cancel up to the […].

Festival Style

Hey Love Child Thinking of heading to a music festival this year? Well you should. I was quick to assume that all music festivals were grungey, marijuana filled 1970 throwbacks. #WRONG. I attended Coachella for the first time 2 years ago. Since I’m not one with nature I was seriously surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. The palm trees, music, atmosphere, sun, and ofcourse fashion quickly changed my mind about the music festival scene. {Check me out. All festivally sitting on the ground and stuff} Today I’m sharing my festival style tips so that you’re not just looking the part, you’re owning it ;) Festival Style Tips for Foxy Babes Jewelry All about those jewels ladies. Think gold and brass. With gems and dangles. Okay so, long layered pendant […].

New York City {Yeeeah Girl}

Good morning lover Ugh I know. It’s chilly out there. Stay in bed, sip your warm cup of coffee and relax. You deserve it. While you do that.. why don’t I bring a little Sex and the City your way… {that’s right ladies}. This place is a jungle gym for sexy, confident, babes…. aka YOU. Cozy up, we’re heading to Fabulous Guide to NYC for the Classy {& Sassy}: ***Attention: Dave Roi from New York City is looking for a Sara Foreman from Calgary, AB that he took a Ferry from Italy to Croatia with. If you’re Sara Foreman… Email me. Just tryin’ to connect lovers worldwide NBD*** Stay: Theater District Both times that I travelled to New York City I stayed in the Theater District. Both times […].

Montreal {Oui, s'il vous plait}

Bonjour belle! How was everyone’s week? I hope you all enjoyed Miami as much as I did. This week we’re heading somewhere a little {okay ALOT} different, but equally as exciting. Pack a couple sweaters this time cause we’re headed to   Ultra Chic Super Cool Guide to Montreal: ***Ability to speak French not required*** Stay Fairmont Queen Elizabeth {$$$$} Okay I know I know. The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth isn’t exactly the most affordable option. BUT, the location is everything. If you can find an appropriate rate that works for you I highly suggest booking this hotel. It is close to tons of restaurants, bars and shops. PLUS, the hotel literally sits on top of the train/subway station… There is elevator access from the hotel […].

Miami Mami {South Beach Livin'}

Hola Señorita! It’s Saturday! And what better way to celebrate then a cyber-trip to South Beach? On spark{le}’s tab of course ;) Sit back, swap that average cup of Joe for a mimosa and think warm thoughts cause we are exploring Super Sexy Guide to South Beach, Miami: ***Disclaimer: SPF 50 required. Gotta protect that money maker honey*** Stay South Beach {AirBnB} Okay so Miami is huge. {I know, duhhh}. But I was surprised. I had never been to Miami and soon I learned the difference between Miami and South Beach. Stay in South Beach near Ocean Drive and 12th to 6th st. It’s the area to be as an upbeat, trendy, go-getter like yourself {yes you too Mom}. AirBnB, like I’ve mentioned before, has some […].


Happy Saturday cutie pie! Hopefully you’re all well rested cause THIS week we’re travelling to one of my favourite cities Lets get at it ;) Kick Butt Guide to Chicago for Turbo Babes: ***Deep dish and cardio {shopping} included*** Stay Michigan Ave {Varies in $} Otherwise known as the ‘Magnificent Mile’. This stretch lives up to its nickname. Definitely the area to be staying while you visit Chicago. The James boutique hotel is unreal. Both humble and relaxing, it is definitely worth checking out. Incase you are unable to find a hotel to meet your requirements, AirBnB is becoming more and more popular. I highly recommend checking it out as it has some hidden gems, especially when you’re in a pinch. Anyways, the Magnificent Mile is home […].

Portland{ia}, Oregon

Goooooood AM cutie pie! Today I’d like to discuss a little land not so far away. Yup. You read that right. Not sure how many of you are familiar with the ever-so-funny tv series Portlandia, if not, please check out an episode or two. You won’t be disappointed. ANYWAYS, it is based around the fact people living in Portland, Oregon are throwing their lives wayyy back to the 90’s and relishing in bad haircuts, CDs, bicycles and ‘whatever goes’ fashion. I’d never really heard about Portland until several weeks ago, turns out a lot of people have visited and ALOT of people have loved it. The weather is temperate, the people are pleasant and the fashion is anything goes… Let’s throw it back people. Grab your […].

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