Crop What?…

Yes. Crop your shirt.

Okay don’t freak out and run away. Let’s talk about it. Summer is in full swing and if you’re a Canadian girl like myself you know it’s time to take advantage. Well, one summer trend that I am fully supporting is the crop top.

When you hear the word ‘crop top’, what do you think of? Full midriff? Super skinny super-models? Muffin tops? I get it. I’ve been there and I’ve learned. There are PLENTY of ways to sport a crop top in a chic, FLATTERING way. Lemme break it down for ya:

The Super Babes Guide to Crop Tops:

**NOTE: Show about an inch of upper abdomen, cover the belly button. Lets keep it classy**

1) With a pencil skirt {OR} Maxi. This is probably the staple to my crop top guide. Creates such a long lean line and if you’re worried about any lumps/bumps showing with the pencil skirt pick a maxi skirt. I’ve been loving the tulip hem lately which is honestly so flattering for the legs.

IMG_5250 - Version 2

{Wilfred top from Aritzia; Wilfred skirt from Aritzia}

a) Fuller skirt {my slim hipped friends to create curves}

b) Long sleeve crop and skirt {OBSESSED}


2) As a matching set {or atleast same colour}. I’m LOVING this look. It’s a simple idea with a bold and edgy statement. {my fav sets are displayed at the bottom of this post}

3) Underneath a blazer/open blouse with pants or shorts – Trick to avoid the dreaded mom bum. I’m not a huge fan of the shorts and crop top look unless it is paired with a blazer/blouse.


{Blazer from H&M; top from Dynamite; silk pants from Aritzia; nine west pumps}


4) Longer crop with boyfriend jeans for a relaxed look. 

IMG_5251 - Version 2

{TNA crop from Aritzia; jeans from American Eagle; diba pumps}


Below is a collage of my favourite crop tops. Click on the {crop it} link below the collage for more detail on all the pieces. If you have any questions about other pieces featured today just comment below and I’ll be more then happy to help. *MUAH*

BTW: The talula crop in the middle of the collage is a MUST. It is SO flattering on many different body shapes. I suggest you take a trip over to Aritzia and try it on :)

crop it

Bailey 44 cut out dress
180 CAD –

Bailey 44 dress
220 CAD –

Bailey 44 top
45 CAD –

Bustier top
27 CAD –

Haut écourté en crêpe
47 CAD –



xxoo Drea Marie

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