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Absolutely Proposals + Valentine's Day GIVEAWAY!

Absolutely Proposals2HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LOVERS! Ohhhh my goodness do I have the perfect Vday blog post for you today or WHAT. Today is the day for LOVE and that is exactly what we are celebrating. I am introducing a BRAND NEW YYC based company launching TODAY!! Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events is LIVE. YES! AND WE ARE HOSTING A MAJOR GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE! Not just to one, but THREE lucky winners!!!!! AKA If my math is correct, that means your chances of winning are even HIGHER. First, let’s get into the spirit of things with help from our friends over at Absolutely… JUICY PROPOSAL FACTS: National Proposal Day is March 20th Couples wait an average of 14 months after their proposal to get married. – Wedding Paper Divas […].

SWIRL Custom Cakes & Desserts is 10/10 GLAM.

We’re talking CAKE today. So last weekend I saw probably the most stunning cake I’ve ever seen and/or will see in person. It was flecked with 24K gold edible foil and took 25 hours to complete. It also hung from the ceiling. No I am not making this up. SWIRL Custom Cakes & Desserts is taking over the YYC cake game. I am OBSESSED. Lynnette MacDonald is the founder/head designer of SWIRL and, just like her confections, is incredibly sweet. You can tell just by talking to her that she puts her whole heart into each masterpiece she creates. Her passion and drive is obvious and so are her skills. She puts 110% into her creations and ohhh my gosh you can tell. Okay can we discuss these […].

Boobyball YYC's Paradise City // Welcome to the Jungle

K wait have you heard about Boobyball? Ummmm I hadn’t until this year and it is capital F, Fabulous.      Let’s just catch up a little on WHAT Boobyball is exactly. Boobyball was launched in 2002 by a group of dedicated young women in support of their friend Sarah O’Regan who, at just 23 years old, was diagnosed with aggressive, advanced breast cancer. Fast forward 15 years, and Boobyball is now one of the most coveted and high profile fundraising events for young philanthropists in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg, and Sarah is a thriving mother of three. Since 2002, Boobyball has raised over $3.8 million dollars for Rethink Breast Cancer’s work for young women concerned about and affected by breast cancer.    A tidbit […].

How to Practice Yoga at HOME x Belle En Rouge

Hey gals! It’s me again, Kimberly from Belle En Rouge. I hope you guys have been having a fantastic new year and an even better mind set for this week. Drea has been kind enough to feature on her blog once again and this time to talk to you guys about yoga. Side note: Before going any further, did you read my post on how to make Maca Oatmeal Muffins? If not, then go there and then check out what Drea wrote on my blog about Chia seeds. What is yoga? Yoga to me is the one time I take out of my day to regain my thoughts and spend some time with myself. I’ve only been practicing continuously since the year started and I’ve […].

Maca Oatmeal Muffins // A Recipe by Belle En Rouge

Hey babes! Guess WHAT. We have a special guest with us today. Kimberly from Belle En Rouge is here and talking all things MACA. She’s created a delicious Maca Oatmeal Muffin recipe for us and I cannot wait to try them out. Check it out.. and once you’re done, pop over to Belle En Rouge for my post on recipes + everything Chia Seeds.   Hey guys! I hope you’re starting off the week on a good note. I’m Kimberly from Belle En Rouge and I’ve partnered up with Drea to bring you this health & wellness recipe. When I first reached out to Drea, I knew that we would come up with something great for both of our readers because her posts are awesome. I […].

spark{le}Notes: 'Making a Murderer' // #NoFilter

SPOILER ALERT Welcome to spark{le}Notes on ‘Making a Murderer’. Let’s get real. If you haven’t watched the ‘Making a Murderer’ series on Netflix yet then what the h$*# are you waiting for?!?! Also don’t read this post. Read it as soon as you’re done. This series is the biggest hit since Idon’tevenknowwhen. Everyone is getting into it. I basically consider Gigi Hadid and myself besties cause we both are tweeting over it. That’s got to mean something. Today we’re gathering all the info and laying it out on the table to decide what the eff happened in Manitowoc, WI on Halloween night in 2005. Pour yourself a glass and get your Tiffany’s pen + paper out partner. The Documentary   After ten years in the making, ‘Making […].

Wearable Technology + Girl Talk with Vestechpro

Girl. I’ve got ground breaking news. Have you heard about wearable technology? Tech + Fashion. Two of the best things. Throw in health + wellness?! Well now you’ve got my FULL attention. OMG this is my new fav area in fashion. So spark{le} was lucky enough to listen in on Wear It Smart, which is a full day conference in Montreal devoted to exploring ground breaking, thought provoking fashion tech. To make things even MORE fabulous, we were able to ‘Girl Talk’ with Vestechpro’s Executive Director Mrs. Paulette Kaci. {full Girl Talk below} So let’s get into what secrets I have to share with you cause today we have many. I feel like Canada’s western destinations have had a taste of fashion tech but I want us to enjoy […].

My Super Awesome Photographer Jessica O'Neill

Good morning gorgeous You know what beautiful summer days are perfect for? Photoshoots. I’ve got the BEST Girl Talk interview for you today…. Cue, my super awesome photographer Jessica O’Neill. Today I’m interviewing photographer Jessica O’Neill and we’re asking her all the juicy details on getting the perfect photos. I’ll also be including some fabuluxxxxe photos she has taken of yours truly…. #Necessary. Girl Talk with my Photographer Jessica O’Neill   Hey girl, so a little birdie told us that you like to take photos and are preeeetty fabulous at it. What’s your background?! How did you start?: I was always one of those kids who attempted to take a million photos on every family vacation. If I had to pinpoint a moment in time when I […].

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