How to Create the Perfect Flat Lay

Drea Marie is sharing how to create the PERFECT flat lay. Whether you're a blogger, photographer or avid Instagrammer, this is for you.

Today I’m spilling my tips + tricks on how to create the perfect flat lay. It’s mayyyyybe a little blogger/photographer directed. OR it’s also for anyone looking to step up their IG game. Cause we all know Instagram is life. JK calm down. Numero uno, it takes practice and TONS of playing around. BUT I can lay out {ha..ha} some pretty easy guidelines for you to follow to create the perfect flat lay. Wait what is a flat lay? A flat lay is a photography technique used to showcase products or tell a story. Basically it’s rearranging objects or materials on a surface in a way that captivates your followers/audience. I do a lot of flat lays. Like a LOT. And I’ve learned a few things. […]

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Beachwaver S.75 AKA the Official Victoria’s Secret Hair Tool

Drea Marie is spilling the Victoria's Secret Model hair SECRET. The Beachwaver S.75 creates the voluminous beach waves you've been wanted.

Oh hey there So you know the Victoria’s Secret models?  Yeah, I know, we alllll know them. *eyeroll* Kidding, but seriously. Who else religiously hate watches the runway show each year? Without fail.  Actually I love them all. Alessandra is my fav. OKAY but their hair. It’s PERFECTION right?! Beachy, mermaidy waves that are FULL of volume. So I decided to aimlessly google how on earth they get this look. CUE the Beachwaver.  Immediately I’m reaching out to Beachwaver wondering where I can get my hands on this supermodel worthy hair tool. Voila, behold the BEACHWAVER S.75. I am so in love. Guys, people we’re calling me Candice all day it was totally weird. Kidding. But the waves created are just like off the runway. The […]

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Best Local YYC Boutiques

Drea Marie is sharing the Best Local YYC Boutiques. We're talking clothes, makeup and some other fun hot spot!

photo from Adorn Boutique Hiiii hi hi How is everyone?! Thursday hey? Friday eve as I like to call it. Sounds like the perfect day to start planning our weekend. PLUS IT’S INSANELY GORGEOUS OUT! Well, in YYC. We’re talking the best local YYC boutiques. I’ve put together a list of my favs for clothing, makeup and I’m going to dabble with the kids/mens too. You all know I’m sans children but I’ve done my research… AKA asked my GF for the best of the best. KILLARNY VANITY VAULT CALGARY The cutest makeup boutique. You know I LOVE Sephora and I do, but to mix things up, go check out Vanity Vault.   MISSION MODERN MENSWEAR Men, go here. If you’re looking for a trendy […]

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Absolutely Proposals + Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY!

Drea Marie is sharing an inside look at a brand new business in Calgary, AB; Absolutely Proposals. Specializing in proposals & event planning.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LOVERS! Ohhhh my goodness do I have the perfect Vday blog post for you today or WHAT. Today is the day for LOVE and that is exactly what we are celebrating. I am introducing a BRAND NEW YYC based company launching TODAY!! Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events is LIVE. YES! AND WE ARE HOSTING A MAJOR GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE! Not just to one, but THREE lucky winners!!!!! AKA If my math is correct, that means your chances of winning are even HIGHER. First, let’s get into the spirit of things with help from our friends over at Absolutely… JUICY PROPOSAL FACTS: National Proposal Day is March 20th Couples wait an average of 14 months after their proposal to get married. – Wedding Paper Divas […]

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