Items I’m Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

I am 39 WEEKS PREGNANT YOU GUYS. How did that happen?! I swear I was announcing on Instagram like a month ago…. I feel like the third trimester simultaneously flew and dragged by. Like every day seems difficult to get around but at the same time I’m like wait… I’m having a baby like this week?

ANYWAYS. Let’s chat about what the heck I have ready for baby’s arrival! Most of you follow along on Instagram (and if you don’t, go check out my baby highlights here), so you’ve seen the makeshift nurseries. I didn’t want to go overboard and tried to stick to basics until babe comes and I know exactly what I need more of and what I actually don’t need. There are a few things that even before I was pregnant I knew I would want hahaha THEREFORE, I actually reached out to some of these companies who were generous enough to gift me and baby some product to try out!! These are items I already knew I wanted or have heard my good friends rave about.


After working NICU, I KNEW I was going to be crazy sterilizing everything. It’s just engrained in me now. Some people may be asking why sterilization is soooooo important, why not just clean bottles. The first 6 months of a newborns life their immune system is immature. They don’t have the same protection against bacteria that you and I do. Which is why one of the first things I started searching for was a sterilizer… and preferably one that looked chic on the counter hahaha. My friend Tara actually has the Babymoov Turbo Pure sterilizer and loves it! It uses steam to sterilize and then dry all your baby bottles, soothers, cups, utensils, breast feeding items and whatever else you want sterilized. There is a hepa filter to ensure purified air is used to maintain a sterile environment.

Another product I found on their website was the Lovenest pillow! This is a fun little tool to help prevent flat head syndrome. Babies heads aren’t totally firm when they are born. This makes them susceptible to flattening the back of their skulls from laying on a flat surface since they sleep most of the day! You can hold, pick up and baby wear as well but this ergonomic pillow also helps maintain that perfect round shape!


A multifunctional car seat cover & nursing wrap all in one. This is such a staple for all the moms on the go. You can even use it as a baby seat cover to help minimize the amount of germs your little one can find on high chairs or shopping carts hahah I got the organic black and it is SO. SOFT. Can’t wait to start using it!


NECESSARY. I have two. LOL So babies have been “held” in a warm and cozy environment for 9 months. Now imagine being thrown out into the world with NO CLUE what is going on. I’d be fussy too! Our little babies just want to be held!! But we also need to get stuff done or just give our arms a rest…. especially if your baby is apparently going to be BIG… AKA ME. Baby wearing is something I am forsure going to do and the beluga baby wraps are going to be my absolute go to. I love how soft they are making sure baby is comfortable in an ergonomic position. No, there is no such thing as “spoiling” your newborn with too many cuddles. It’s actually very beneficial developmentally for babies to do skin to skin/kangaroo care. It helps regulate temperate, breathing and calms them. Not to mention, Beluga Baby is a Canadian company and their patterns are my absolute favourite!


Sleep!!! There are 493875398 sleep sacks, swaddles, sleepers, you name it. What drew me to the Love to Dream swaddles was the easy zipper and the self soothe “ARMS UP” design. Babies use their hands as a self soothing technique and this means more sleep for the whole family lol The swaddle itself keeps baby contained and that easy zipper makes 3am diaper changes a breeze!!


This one isn’t entirely BABY related, but it is postpartum related! Something to help mama recover too! I think I looked at 20 different belly wraps haha I kept going back to Belly Bandit. Their reviews were far above the rest. I went with the BFF Belly Wrap because it is the best one for short waisted mamas (I’m all of 5 feet tall) and the reviews say it uses silky soft ProModal fabric while compression is outstanding with 6 panels and 2 tabs to adjust for your desired compression level. This is going to help strengthen, heal and support my core during my recovery!


BABY MONITORS. If you’ve shopped for one, you understand. There are SO MANY CHOICES. You want one that you can depend on, has a quick response time and provides clear video or sound. Well I think I’ve found the rolls royce of baby monitors with Miku. I am WAY too excited about this thing hahah There are an insane amount of features with Miku. I’m going to go over my top 3 that convinced me this was the one.

  • Military grade technology that monitors breathing/sleeping.

“Miku is the world’s first baby monitor to track your baby’s breathing, sounds, and sleeping patterns with no physical contact using newly patented SensorFusion technology. No other monitor is a Miku”

No, breathing and sleeping monitor is not necessary. But it sure is nice to have. I know a lot of moms might think this would only create panic and dependence on this feature, but for me it brings me peace of mind. I’m used to monitors, beeps, etc. and I LOVE that Miku sends you a sleep analysis the next day. I can see what my little one has been up to and if he is having breathing issues that may indicate he is coming down with something. I LOVE that this has no physical contact. The owlet is another breathing monitor but I don’t love the ideas of it physically being attached to baby. Newborn skin is VERY delicate. We would constantly have to switch monitor placement in the NICU, the monitor would falsely alarm when it wasn’t attached perfectly and it became more of an annoyance than anything.

  • Crypto Security

So something I did not think of, people hacking your baby monitor. We live in a time where all this amazing technology also comes with vulnerability. Miku uses a high security Crypto Chip so all of your data remains secure.

  • HD Video and night vision

“Our powerful Qualcomm processor works in real-time whether you have an internet connection or not. That means you can rest easier knowing that your Miku is working, not stuck somewhere on a cloud.”

A feature that all new parents are searching for. Good connection and good video display. The technology in this thing is far above anything I’m used to!

What are your must haves or baby products you can’t live without?! I’m always looking for new ones to try out so comment below!! Ahhhh I can’t believe it’s SO SOON.
xxoo Drea Marie

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