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SO IT’S NYFW TIME AGAIN AND I’M SO OBSESSED. Doesn’t it seem like NYFW comes so quickly? Not complaining.

I LOVE watching A listers push the style envelope. BY THE WAY did you see Kim Kardashian in that totally see through baby blue bustier? UMMM…. totally crazy.

But seriously, NYFW sparks the style transition from summer to fall and it’s addicting. I’m going to share my fav NYFW moments so far and tips on how you can keep up on the latest trends.

OKAY fav moments so far:


+ OH em gee. Desigual killed the runway theme this year. They actually recreated real life snapchat filters onto the models. It was EVERYTHING. Dog nose, fairy crown, bee, I could go on. But just take a look for yourself.



{photo from here}


Yeezy Season 4 

+ Okay so not FAV, but more SHOCKING moment. I am actually cringing while writing this. So our self proclaimed genius Mr. West has had some said and done some shocking things in the past. BUT this takes the cake. 

Kanye had his guests be ready 1.5 hours prior to the show and sent them in buses to an undisclosed location which was Roosevelt Island. In the BLISTERING heat the guests sat watching an army of nude clad models stand like statues. One after another models were collapsing from the scorching sun. On top of that, the models who WERE walking were required to do so in malfunctioning heels AKA falling, tripping all over the damn runway. One model threw her heels off mid walk {you go girl}. Guests were LITERALLY wondering if they should call paramedics. They felt disgusted that they were complicit in watching this inhumane fashion show.

{photo from here}


Read up more on it here or basically just google Yeezy season 4 and it’s cringeworthy review will pop up.


Anyways let’s move on.


So most of us aren’t actually in New York City. But that does not have to stop us from pretending we are.

I’ve got the whole NYFW schedule here for you and MAKE SURE you’re following on social media!!!



OBBBBBVI. I love their stories and features. It keeps me in the know. Plus follow a ton of fashion bloggers/celebs. They’ve got all the BTS action. 


I LOVE PERISCOPE FOR FASHION WEEK. It’s LIVE STREAMING of your fav fashion shows!!! just search any of your fav designers or the ones from the schedule you wanna see. Also a ton of models, celebs and even brands are on there. I have a FULL list of people I follow here


Follow NYFW and FashionWeekNYC and check out these hashtags:
+ #NYFW #NYFW4All #NYFWLive #NYFW2016


NYFW App along with the Fashion Week App for live streams, Live replays, tweets, IG photos and also SHOP THE DESIGNERS


Follow NYFW and NYTimesFashion and basically any/every fashion blogger + celeb. 



NYFW just kicked off but if you want a full recap once it’s over just lemme know. 



PS. Last years NYFW post is here if you wanna take a looksie :)

PPS. With all these new trends I’m needing a closet declutter session. Step by step –> here.


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