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How are we?! Staying warm? Packing up summer dresses and online shopping for cashmere sweaters? Atta girl.

Well there is another thing you should be considering this time of year… Banff, AB.

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The City Girls Guide to Banff, AB:

*** Disclaimer: Don’t take selfies with the animals. Yes, there are wild animals and they are VERY real. ***




The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel:

Okay so clearly I love Fairmont Hotels. I love everything about them. The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel is no exception. It is the second oldest Fairmont Hotel, having opened in 1888. They have renovated a number of the rooms to be bigger and better then the original size. I personally, don’t spend a ton of time in my room. I’m too busy out and about exploring the rest of the gorgeous hotel OR in town. The hotel is located just up the mountain from the town (5 minute car ride) so make sure you know prior to booking that you may need transportation in and out of Banff. Overall, this is the BEST hotel to stay at. #HighlyRecommended.



The Juniper Hotel:

Boutique hotels are awesome. I luvvvv them. That is why I decided to stray from the Springs and book The Juniper Hotel one weekend. UHMMMM it was the best. You guys the views from the room are amazing. It’s a smaller hotel but the decor and furnishings are on point. I also loved that it was in it’s own little world just outside the town of Banff as well. The service was great and so was the free coffee and cookies in the lobby ;).



Main Street:

Not gunna lie, Banff isn’t a shopping haven like a lot of cities I’ve posted about. BUT, that doesn’t mean it isn’t cute in it’s own way. There are a ton of local Banff shops for souvenirs and trinkets. There used to be an unreal beauty shop called ‘Smashing Cosmetica’ that I LOVED but it’s seemed to have disappeared #SOS. If you know where it is please comment below. ANYWAYS, definitely grab a coffee and stroll down main street popping into boutiques along the way, it’s worth it.


Banff Candy Shop:

I have to stop here everytime I’m in Banff. Every candy you could ever imagine. It’s a highlight of my Banff trips. Plus it looks like a totally cute general store and the employees are so nice. It makes me feel like a kid in a candy store, pun intended.




Fairmont Banff Springs Rundle Lounge + Grapes Wine Bar:

Even if you don’t decide to stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs, do yourself a favor and just stop in for a drink at the Rundle Lounge. The view is incredible and so are the drinks. It isn’t the most budget friendly option but the atmosphere makes it worth every penny. In addition, Grapes Wine Bar is at the Springs. The charcuterie boards are magnificent. MUST TRY.



The Dancing Sasquatch:

Looking to let loose? Want to dance off that candy? Dancing Sasquatch is where you need to be. It’s Banff’s nightclub. Hang out with the locals and make sure you order a cab home cause you’re in for one hell of a night. Advil required in the AM.


Melissa’s Missteak:

Ohhhhh Melissa’s. THE breakfast spot in Banff. EVERYONE goes here and for good reason… the food is always great and so are the prices. Enough said.

Nourish Vegetarian Bistro:

So I stumbled upon this little bistro awhile ago. It’s uhmazinggg. Possibly the best vegetarian meal I’ve had yet. The meals are intricate and seriously tasty. Even if you are a carnivore, you’ll be blown away by this hidden gem.


Best entertainment. Best greek food. Balkan is located right beside the Dancing Sasquatch and seriously I go HERE for the entertainment. They have pitchers of sangria and belly dancers… HELLO?! What else do you want?! So much fun everytime. Kelly Rippa actually came here when she visited Banff and was dancing around breaking plates and sipping ouzo. Love her. Plus the food is insane. Just make sure you wear comfy clothes cause you’re going to be stuffed at the end of dinner.


Magpie and Stump:

Beers and nachos hold a special place in my heart. When I think of nachos I think of Magpie and Stump in Banff. If you guys remember anything in this blog post remember this. NACHOS+MAGPIE&STUMP.

The Maple Leaf:

Okay so the last places are fun and awesome etc. but looking for a romantic/fancier kinda night? The Maple Leaf is where you need to go. It’s romantic AND fancy. Funny thing is I went here with my bestie, we’re romantic like that. Honestly though the food was amazing and again, so was the service. 5 STARZ.

Beaver Tails:

Dessert anyone? OMG k you need to try a Beavertail at least once. They don’t have these everywhere you guys. So make sure you pop in and grab a beaver tail here. Yeah it’s instaworthy #SoCanadanEh?. Ugh I want one now.


Banff Hot Springs:

Across from Rimrock Hotel are the Banff Hot Springs. I suggest checking it out. Hot, natural bubble baths in the outdoors. Yeah I’m serious. Just please wear your swimsuit.

Tunnel Mountain Hike:

Nothing better then some exercise right?! Okay don’t roll your eyes yet. I know you’re on vacay in Banff so this hike is super easy and it comes with some insane views. Tunnel Mountain Hike is about 45 minutes each way and 4.3 km in total. It’s difficulty is ‘Easy’ AND you can even take the Gondola ride back down to relax and save your knees at the same time. Check out the map here.


Well that is all my loves.
I hope you have a little more insight into Banff and can start planning ASAP cause it’s gorgeous, especially this time of year <3


xxoo Drea Marie

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