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  NO TALKING. LET’S GET SHOPPING.   + DECIEM AKA THE ORDINARY: HOLY MAN. Okay so I was trying to purchase for the past hour and it went through. SO don’t panic. Last year 3 of their servers went down. CAUSE THEY HAVE THE BEST BLACK FRIDAY KITS EVER. I bought the NIOD cleanser regular $50 for $9 and the hair density kit regular $67 for $23….. GO NOW. + Red Flag Deals: Here is where you can scope out allllllll the deals. They do EVERYTHING. Love this site. + Amazon: THE BEST Black Friday deals!! + Aritzia: BLACK FIVEDAY. 50% OFF INSTORE AND ONLINE!!! Select winter/fall products for FIVE DAYS. + ASOS: USE CODE:EPIC30 for an extra 30% off everything until Cyber Monday.  + Bath and Body Works: […].


I know, ANOTHER PACKWOOD POST. By now you’re well aware that I was able to attend the event of the summer in Calgary…. Packwood Grand. Today we’re walking through the entire experience and what you should expect if you haven’t attended before. This year the event took place bright and early on July 29th. The day started with mimosas {OBVI do not miss my How To Throw Your Pre Packwood Party post.} and frantically perfecting my fascinator so that we were on time to the Starting Line at National on 10th Ave. This was where we all met for a breakfast buffet, mayyyyybe a few drinks, and ofcourse registration for the main event. After a few Meadjitos, we hopped on one of the numerous buses […].


Thank god for Whiskey Weekend. Comfort and fashion are two things I love. So when they both come together, I’m one effing happy girl. I have been following this clothing brand online called Whiskey Weekend. Look it up.  It’s the bad ass IDGAF wit that I need in my life. Not to mention they’re LOCAL.  When their LOCALS ONLY line launched I knew we would love it. Hence why I am giving you an exclusssss look at some of their new designs. The two ripped t shirts aren’t even LAUNCHED yet. Sooo LUCKY YOU. Get ready to get your paws on these. These styles make comfort fashionable all on their own. I mean honestly those ripped tees?! I LOVE the white one that says “Honestly, […].


Got my long weekend vibes in FULL FORCE RN.  Also, I had the WORST WRITERS BLOCK YESTERDAY. Honestly. I sat at the computer for 3 hours just staring and googling things like “blogger inspo”, “blog ideas” and wound up with stuff like “post a cool infographic”. Guys. We’re cooler than that. These shitty ideas snowballed into me thinking DMB is stuck. So I poured myself a glass of rosé and took a step back. WHAT am I loving. This is what we like. That is why I started blogging. To share things that WE love. Not exclusive to beauty/fashion, but I want to include food, activities, brands, gossip. Anything. Move over infographics, let’s talk cool shit. x CLEAVER HAPPY HOUR // INSANE $5 cocktails + […].


MORNINGGGG I’m in the shopping mood, can you tell? Ha. But also I’m late to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale {sorry Janeil}, but what else is new right? IT’S OKAY THOUGH. There are still tons of bargains happening.  Yesterday I had to go return something at Nordstrom and immediately realized I should probably get my life together and look for deals now. Here we go!   FAV BEAUTY <br />   FAV HOME <br />   FAV HANDBAGS + ACCESSORIES <br />   FAV SHOES <br />   FAV TOPS + BOTTOMS + SWIM <br />   FAV DRESSES <br />   FAV ATHLEISURE <br /> And there we have it people. My top Nordy sale items. Now go get em’ before the sale ends August […].


Let’s go shopping. We have an event this weekend and guess what, it’s not too late to find a FAB outfit. I know, we should have started looking like weeks ago but who has time to plan like that?! Anyways, here we are, excited and outfitless.  I’m sharing my pro tips and tricks to nailing your Packwood outfit and/or, honestly, any fancy summer event.   <br /> I love ALL of these options.  Zandra from Life With Zandra and I decided to go search high and low for Packwood Grand outfit inspo. We headed to CrossIron Mills cause HELLO, we love a good bargain and they have tons of dresses. After sifting through tons of options at Saks Off Fifth, I narrowed it down to my […].


Happy Hump Day!! I have a fun, flirty summer post for ya.  The BEST summer bikinis that are ACTUALLY budget friendly. I’ve learned quickly that living in Canada, especially, it’s a little over the top to drop $400 on a bikini. It’s worn a handful of time and there are ALWAYS newer, better styles coming out. This is my inspo for todays post. We have the BEST bikinis that you’ll love and it won’t actually matter if you decide to buy a new, better style later on down the road. Let’s start with STYLE that are perfect from top to bottom. X ONE PIECES X PALM IS IN X LACE X CUT IT OUT     X BOYS + ARROW The cutest patterns!!!      […].

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