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READ IT IN 3 minutesYou KNOW I’ll try pretty much anything for you.  HENCE why we need to talk about laser genesis. INTRIGUED? Yeah me too. Let’s start at the beginning. OKAY I seriously went in for dermaplaning. Remember when I wrote about how I shave my face? But I had never actually tried the highly praised dermaplaning process. So I needed to see if what I was doing at home is the exact same or NOT.  Then I met Stacey. Stacey is a licensed medical aesthetician. She knows what she’s talking about. We chatted about dermaplaning BUT you guys I was having a breakout near by chin, UGH, life right? Stacey was like well we could do some laser genesis instead and take care of that. UM. Come […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesHAYYY GIRL HAYYYYY IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEEEKK! We all know I am obsessed with my birthday. It’s a time for cupcakes, bubbly, glitter, happiness, unicorns, basically everything extra. SO. To start off the week I’m sharing what is on my WANT LIST lately. Yes, it’s my birthday wishlist but also it’s new trends and products that I’m loving. Keep this close for yourself or even gift ideas for friends/family!! FYI I’VE LINKED EVERYYYYYTHING HERE + MORE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST.  BUT FIRST, PROSECCO. We need a birthday drink. Remember at Xmas I talked about that amazing SPARKLY PURPLE {my fav color} Viniq? And again here. Mixed with prosecco it is AMAZING. Swirly, sparkly goodness. So yeah that’s on the menu this week forsure. BUBBLY + VINIQ […].


READ IT IN 2 minutesLAST MINUTE GIFT GUIDE!!! We have 2 days.  TWO. DAYS. It’s okay I’ve done all the research. We can get this done tonight after work or tomorrow FOR. SURE. HOW CUTE, AM I RIGHT?! Alright I’m going to break it down for you. Also I’ve added MORE in this list than in the collage #obvi. There’s even more in the product widget below that you can click right from.  + FANCY CANDLES Mom’s LOVE candles. I mean, so do I. They are just the perfect special gift. If you splurge on a fancy candle like Voluspa from Indigo or Nordstrom I am SURE Mom will love it!! I always believe giving gifts that someone won’t buy for themselves {like a $20 candle} is such a […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesDon’t you hate when life gets busy? Like so busy. But not busy enough for my Saturdays. Also I’ve been dying to share this with you all. FARSALI. Who else splurged on themselves during the Sephora spring sale? Good for you. We deserve it. PLUS it’s a sale so why not stock up!? I’m saving so much money I’m going broke. Ha. Lame joke. There was ONE thing I was a) dying to try and b) shocked to see Sephora started carrying it… IN CANADA. Farsali. Never heard of it? Let’s get caught up. I was seeing TONS of beauty bloggers use this magical oil that had GOLD FLAKES in it. I KEPT seeing this ROSE GOLD ELIXIR, but mostly on beauty bloggers Instagrams. They […].

K you need to try the Super Collagen Mask

READ IT IN 2 minutesIt’s actually insanely good. and NO this is not sponsored for all of you wondering. I bought this with my own money and will continue to do so cause it is THAT GOOD. Especially in the spring. I feel like my skin needs a wake up and this is exactly that. My skin feels PLUMPER. Is that weird? Fine lines are smoother, my skin is brighter and yes, plumper. I find it also calms any redness or irritation, probably thanks to the oatmeal in it. You’ve probably heard of MARIO BADESCU’s drying lotion or the rose water. BOTH ARE SO GOOD. Kylie Jenner swears by the drying lotion to get rid of any blemishes. But honestly, the one that I swear by, is this super collagen […].

BEST LIP LINERS + tips and tricks

READ IT IN 2 minutesNot just for your momma anymore. I used to think lip liners were a thing of the past. Until the big lip trend came around and all of a sudden EVERYONE had plump lips. I’m thinking okay so MAYYYBE half of those are injections but what is the secret… lip liners. From beauty bloggers to pinterest I was seeing lip liners.  In one of my middle of the night, pinterest fueled hazes I added a ‘Kim Kardashian Favourite Lip Liner Drug Store Dupe’ to my wish list. The next day I went and got it.  OB.SESSED. I was living for that lip liner.  My lips looked amazing AND I realized the benefit when it came to RUNNING LIPSTICK. Liners actually do keep your lip makeup in […].


READ IT IN 3 minutesYesterday I found myself browsing Shoppers Drug Mart. Which is one of my favourite things to do, anyone else? Not kidding, browsing grocery stores and drug stores is how I want to spend my late mornings/early afternoons. Is that weird? Probably.  I actually went in looking specifically for this Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 15 gel cream. On Pinterest I LOVE the makeup dupe posts or the ‘Best Drugstore Products’ posts and saw this Neutrogena Hydro Boost that EVERYONE was raving about.  We all know I have dry skin and hate UV rays, but thick SPF face moisturizers really cramp my style. My dermatologist told me once that Neutrogena was his pride and joy. He referred EVERYONE to just use Neutrogena for common skin concerns. It’s non-comedogenic which means […].

Michelle Money Shaves Her Face SO I Did Too.

READ IT IN 2 minutesYES, SHAVING MY FACE. Did I catch your attention? Can we talk about shaving our faces for 5 seconds? K good thanks. I totally got the idea from Michelle Money. She’s a beauty guru and shaves her face. Then, my fave lifestyle blogger Lauryn Evarts shaved HER face. CLEARLY I WAS INTRIGUED. SO then I did. I shaved my face. Still gasping? Okay have you heard of dermaplaning? That skin scraping facial people pay like $200+ for? It’s basically paying someone to shave your face for you. How bougie. But seriously you can’t exfoliate with a razor WITHOUT shaving the peach fuzz off. MIND BLOWN RIGHT? Dermaplaning shaves your face. Maybe it’s a bit more intense BUT, you can actually get similar results at home. […].

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