Live from Coachella 2015 {Wkend 1, Day 3}

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The first weekend of Coachella 2015 has come to an end. I’m currently recovering in Starbucks on Palm Canyon Drive sipping my soy Americano Misto with 1-pump Vanilla, basking in the Californian sun and in addition to a humidifier, I’m in need of another round of Chella. Coachella Music festival never seems to dissappoint. Now let me clarify, some preformers dissappoint, but not the festival it’s self doesn’t….

Coachella 2015



So, the best performances from yesterday were RAC and David Guetta.

RAC was hands down #1 performance of the weekend. If you haven’t heard of RAC get out from under the rock you’ve been hiding and download his songs. Best indie DJ I’ve heard in a long time. Cheap Sunglasses is the tits. Don’t miss it this upcoming weekend.

If you dig mainstream mashups, David Guetta should be on your hit list. My fav DJ set was Calvin Harris last year but David Guetta did a solid job this year. Not a huge fan of the “surprise guest” being Black Eyed Peas. But, to each their own..

Actually, now that we’re on the topic why don’t we get right to it.

I was pretty unimpressed with this years big name artist “surprises” Coachella.

From our groups past experiences, Coachella has always been about the surprise guests and knock out performances. This year lacked shock value.
For example, Drake.

Yes, Madonna is a legend. Yes, Madonna made out aggressively with Drake on stage.

Was I excited about this? No.

Where was ilovemakonnen? Was Big Sean too busy to show up? And I mean Jay Z should be the one singing Jay Z while closing Coachella weekend 1…. Not Drake.

What is going on. Anyways, that is my honest, swear to god, cross-my-underwhelmed-heart opinion Coachella.

However, this Coachella has been the best yet for off beaten, up and coming artists. Do yourself a favour, go get weird in the Yuma High School Gym, check out Drake for a few hits and leave a couple minutes early to beat traffic, touch up your contouring and get to that after party in style.

Lastly, the coconuts were top notch as per usual ;)


xxoo Drea Marie

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