How to Contour {Lyke a Pro}

Hey girl

There’s something we haven’t talked about yet.

Wanna learn how to contour? Wanna learn how to contour without looking like you just recovered from 12 hours of plastic surgery? I’m with you. Contouring can drop lbs, reconstruct noses, lift eyes, and fill out lips. Best part? It doesn’t come with the hefty price or pain plastic surgery does #Winning. BUT, in order to contour correctly you need to learn the secrets of contouring. Just to clarify, we aren’t striving for perfection but there isn’t anything wrong with feeling pretty and learning some secrets on how to apply makeup properly.
Everyone is entitled to their very own Sasha Fierce.

A Sassy Babes Guide to Contouring:

Disclaimer: Contouring has a time and place. Just like Mimosa’s do. Or PDA.

Step 1: Find your shade

Most important, get the right shade. It’d be so perfect if you had someone who could just appear and tell you what shades would contour perfectly for your skin tone. Oh wait what? Sephora does that? Ya don’t say… Okay clearly I love going to Sephora and using their expert makeup staff to their full potential. Why not? Also, MAC and some of those fancy Shoppers Drug Marts have fab makeup artists that give brilliant advice when it comes to finding the correct shade of makeup for you.

 Go for cool tones a couple shades darker then your skin tone. Ask for a powder or explore with a cream based makeup {If you find a good one let me know, I haven’t found a cream based contouring product that I love yet}.

Here are my fav contouring products:


{Naked Liner by MAC for lip contouring}


{Makeup Forever Full Cover to conceal blemises and under the eyes; Maybelline Age Rewind for creating the large triangles under the eyes as diagrammed below}

IMG_0594 IMG_0597

{Sephora Los Cabos is the PERFECT cool bronzer shade for contouring}


{I use the Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighter in Ivory for highlighting then Watts Up by Benefit or Pearl Cream base by Mac for extra spark{le} ;)

Step 2: Use the right tools

Invest in a contouring brush. You can highlight with your fingers but a contouring brush is something you do need. Also purchase a blending sponge esp if you go for a cream based product. You DONT need the over priced ‘Beauty Blender’. Just grab a cheapy one from Shoppers next time you’re there.


Step 3: Follow the face map

 Important. It’s kinda like color by numbers but on your face and instead of numbers there is highlight or low light. Super easy, super fun. Below is a diagram {ft. yours truly} for general contouring and one for general highlighting.
Make sure you follow the arrows with your brush or fingers!!!


Now, specifics….

Want a smaller nose?


Want to drop a couple lbs in 5 seconds flat?


Want that Kylie Jenner pout?
Use the MAC Naked Liner featured above and apply as diagrammed below. Then smudge and apply a darker lipstick. Add some lip venom for extra va-va-va-voom


Want to look bright eyed and bushy tailed?


Want a smaller forehead?


Step 4: Blend.

Okay seriously the MOST IMPORTANT PART. BLEND. Then blend some more. The last thing we want is to leave our faces looking more Halloween then Hollywood. Now grab that blender sponge or your fingers and blend, blend, blend. For the sides of the forehead blend the contour downwards. Near the eyes, blend out. Nose, blend down. Cheeks blend outwards. Neck blend down.

Think long and lean.

Step 5: Highlight

 Once the blending has finished grab that fav highlighter and apply on the bridge of the nose, middle of the forehead, under the eyes and Cupids bow. Bridge of the nose blend down, middle of the forehead blend up + out, under the eyes blend out and Cupids Bow just smudge.

Step 6: Touch up

After you’re done, do a once over and see if there is any areas you want to add to. Maybe the cheeks need a little more low light? Maybe a bit more highlighter under the eye?

TIP: Don’t go overboard and ensure your face doesn’t finish 5 shades different then your neck…
That’s one thing guys do notice.

There you go sassy girl.

xxoo Drea Marie

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