READ IT IN 3 minutesHow many of you have went out and bought whitening trays from a dentist before? Cue Smile Brilliant. Remember when I shared about my teeth whitening tricks?  I was still using that same set up. I even had laser whitening at a dental office, which was amazing but it is another appointment to set up and go to regularly. When the opportunity to try at home whitening TRAYS came up, I immediately jumped at it. I’ve had a few friends who have used whitening trays from a dentist office and swear by it, but it can be really pricey. Smile Brilliant is WAYY more affordable while still providing the same, if not better, results. I also wanted to try something that I could do AT […]

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Is the silicone sponge the new beautyblender?! This could save us A TON. Find out my honest thoughts on this new product.

READ IT IN 1 minuteOkay but actually is the silicone sponge the new Beautyblender? I would LOOVVVEEE for there to be a new improved Beautyblender, only because of the price. I LOVE my Beautyblender so this will be a tough competition. Check out what I think. <br /> ♡ PRODUCTS ♡ SILICONE BLENDER – http://amzn.to/2grNfk9 BEAUTYBLENDER – http://bit.ly/2gPF9Pb IT COSMETICS CC CREAM – http://seph.me/2x4PFIh THE ORDINARY COVERAGE FOUNDATION – http://bit.ly/2fOfPrM ♡ OUTFIT DEETZ ♡ NECKLACES by Club Manhattan T SHIRT from Aritzia BRALETTE from Nordstrom RINGS from Nordstrom and Garage Clothing PLZ Subscribe!!!! That way you’ll be notified when I post a new vid! Also comment below any questions or products you love! + have you tried the silicone blender/silisponge?!?! what did you think? xxoo Drea Marie

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READ IT IN 2 minutesYou don’t need to go out and spend money on all new makeup products for the fall. Use my super easy tips to revamp your makeup routine this fall season!!! <br /> I’ve timestamped each tip here: ♡ TIPS ♡ #1 LIPS 0:36 MIN #2 EYES 5:54 MIN #3 BLUSH 6:46 MIN #4 FRAGRANCE 7:25 MIN #5 SKIN 7:55 MIN ♡ PRODUCTS ♡ BLANKETY by MAC — http://bit.ly/2ybr0VX HONEYCOMB by BITE BEAUTY — http://seph.me/2xuZGOt FAUX by MAC — http://bit.ly/2zapba5 SULTRY SABLE by REVLON — http://bit.ly/2ySz9vC NUDE liner by REVLON — http://bit.ly/2zaeaW2 NUDE liner by MARCELLE — http://bit.ly/2xsW7gH BEURRE liner by MAC — http://bit.ly/2gp94h5 BIG & BARE by LIP FUSION — http://bit.ly/2yCNtMA GLOSSY PRUNE by SOTHY’S PARIS sold out but here is an alternative — http://seph.me/2gpOInA […]

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The Ordinary Skincare routines explained! Drea is sharing how you can get perfect skin and for CHEAP. Like $5 cheap. Yes please.

READ IT IN 2 minutesURGENT. AMAZING SKINCARE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EXPENSIVE! Yes, you read that right. And thank goodness because I love amazing skincare. Oh and just FYI this is totally NOT sponsored. I ordered everything because I heard that it’s life changing and it really is. I found this brand online. well, first my little cousin told me about it like a year or two ago and then I forgot about it. THEN I found The Ordinary peeling solution online and read $6.20 beside the product. Clearly an error. But… you guys it wasn’t an error… Most of their products are UNDER $10… Canadian. A few ring in at $13 or so but everything I bought was either $5-$9….. AND FREE SHIPPING TO CANADA WHEN YOU SPEND […]

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