Easter Decor, Style & COOKIES!!

easter decor1

HOPPY EASTER!!!! I know, so lame. Whatever. OMG so hello what are you doing for Easter?!  Church? Brunch with the in-laws? …. are you hosting? Girl don’t fret I’m here. Let’s pour a couple mimosa’s and get down to the nitty gritty. We’ve got t-minus 24 hours. Plenty of time to figure out what we are going to: a) bring b) decorate with c) wear     Uhhmagawwd I made these incredible birthday cake cookies this week and then it hit me… TOTAL EASTER-Y COLORS. What a saving grace. Go to my Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, and substitute the chocolate chips with 1/2 rainbow sprinkles and 1 cup white chocolate chips… bake about 13 minutes. Bring THESE instead of the typical last minute sack of Mini-Eggs {keep those for […]

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What’s in the Bag for Spring?

whats in the bag - spring

Spring tiiiiiiime! That means it’s time for a purse cleanse.  Hahhhh yes, you can do a diet cleanse too but girl it’s time to spring clean that handbag of yours.  I’m opening my Minkoff ‘Moonstruck’ bag & giving you guys an insider look into what my spring bag consists of:      x iPhone 6s Plus // OBVIOUSLY. I love my 6s plus so so much. Also, the Felony Case studded rose gold case is such a show stopper. I get tons and tons of compliments.  x Excel Gum x Headphones x Pen x Glam bracelets // These are my go-to. The studded one is from Stella & Dot and the other two are from my fav boutique in Edmonton, Four Boutique. x Ibuprofen // Who knows when cramps […]

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The Best Spring Nail Polish This Year


Hey girl hey. How’s it goin?! Ok I was not even planning on a blog post today but I recently received my Spring Luxe Box and in it was the BEST spring nail polish ever. OMG It’s unreal. The color is so bright, bold and shimmery. PLUS it’s bang on with Pantone’s 2016 color of the year: Serenity. K you know how when you have freshly painted nails and any little bump or smudge results in a gasp and reluctant look to see what damage has been done? Well I applied two coats of the Morgan Taylor polish and it was diamond strength. I was SHOCKED.   I then put on my go-to OPI Top Coat and knew it was gunna last. Well it’s been a solid week and absolutely […]

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Spring 2016 Trends

spring 2016 trends

Morning Gorgey! Um is anyone else feeling the serious spring vibes lately? So of course it’s time to start spring wardrobe shopping! First things first, what the heck are the spring 2016 trends?! Well let me tell you. *PS: Check out my recent post on the super hot choker trend here.* Lingerie By Day OKAY NOT ACTUALLY LINGERIE. Cover it up. But silky slip dresses with a bit of lace are hot, hot, hot this spring. Layer the look or try a lace tank top for another outfit options.    Silky/Shiny Clothes A little glitz and glam makes all the difference. Add some spark{le} to your wardrobe this spring for extra flash.    Shoulder-less Tops I LOVE THIS. Omg I think shoulders are so hot. Shoulders > cleavage. […]

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