LOVING the Oval Makeup Brush x My Makeup Brush Set

Andrea Ewanishan, lifestyle blogger from Calgary, reviews the oval makeup brush set from My Brush Set & how she uses it.

Hey gorg How is everyone today?! I wanna talk beauty, as usual. SO who has tried an oval makeup brush set? You’re either a) totally wanting them, b) heard of them or c) incredibly confused right now. All of which are aaaaaaaaaa-ok. The short hairs are a little stiffer which is PERFECT for CONTOURING. No only that, the design is perfect for blending, smoothing and creating the flawless finish you’ve been looking for. I’ve been so excited to try this oval designed brush set and I was NOT disappointed. The 10 piece set from My Makeup Brush Set includes a brush for EVERYTHING. I’m talking foundation, blending, contouring, highlighting, setting, eye makeup, brow powder, I’m talking everything.  Oval Makeup Brush Set     So…. I’m obsessed. You can get […]

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How to Throw a National Birthday Party

OH EM GEE YOU GUYS It’s almost Canada Day & 4th of July. I know a lot of you are either in Canada or the USA and I HATE excluding anyone so today we’re talking How to Throw a NATIONAL Birthday Party!!!!!!! WEEEOoooooooo!   K so these outfit options are the BOMB. I’m actually LOVING all of it even for everyday wear.      National Birthday Outfit National Birthday Outfit // spark{le}    x OFF THE SHOULDER. it. is. in. I’m loving both of these tops.  x One Teaspoon jean shorts. I have two pairs and I’m already plotting my next purchase. It’s an addiction. But the best one. x Cute, feminine choker necklace. x Backpack. SO CHIC. Crisp white leather. Asking for trouble BUT […]

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Activated Charcoal

Lifestyle blogger Drea Marie shares her take on Activated Charcoal! Have you heard of it?! Check it out now. Let us know your thoughts!!

K have you heard of Activated Charcoal? COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE.   I actually am so intrigued. And so ofcourse I bought some.  The claim is that activated charcoal ABSORBS toxins. So think about that Boscia konjac charcoal face sponge we love. OR our fav Glamglow charcoal mud mask that legit pulls dirt and oil from our faces. Now lets take this info one step further… what if activated charcoal could actually help to absorb and eliminate toxins from our insides out too… HANGOVERS MEET YOUR MATCH. BUT some experts are skeptical as to whether it actually helps with that kind of issue.   Medically, activated charcoal is used to treat poisonings. It absorbs and draws out the toxins that have been ingested. So yeah, sometimes we […]

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Father’s Day GIFT GUIDE

Andrea Ewanishan, lifestyle blogger, shares a fabulous Father's Day gift guide. Her ideas will keep your super hero smiling from ear to ear.

Girlfriend.. FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE is here cuzzzzz Sunday June 19, 2016 is when we get to celebrate our lovely dads.   I’ve got everything for adventurous dads, workout dads, business dads and tech dads. If all else fails, Eddie Bauer gift cards mixed with a day spent with dad will leave him as happy as can be. So let’s get into it shall we? Father’s Day Gift Guide {for the main men in our lives}: ***NOTE: Clear your day. Go for brunch. Spend TIME with Dad this weekend***   Father’s Day Gift Guide   Father’s Day Gift Guide // spark{le}    x UM a smart jump rope. Workout dads are going to jump for joy over this one. Pun intended. It not only COUNTS jumps but syncs […]

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