Obsession Confession: Essential Oils

Lifestyle blogger Drea Marie shares her take on Essential Oils! Have you heard of them?! Check it out now. Let us know your thoughts!!

Morning sweet thing!! How are we?! Hopefully enjoying this gorg summer weather. It’s Saturday, our favorite day of the week. Now who else LOVES to relax? Lol. I know. Who doesn’t? Seriously though, the weekends are a time to unwind and decompress from the busy busy work week, duh. Well I’ve discovered the perfect tool to help us unwind. ESSENTIAL OILS.     Okay okay, I might be late to the essential oils party but at least I showed up, right? You’re all probably like hey Drea, I’ve been using essential oils for years. WELL, some of us haven’t and even some of us might have no clue what essential oils are. I was the same. Until @nativerootsdesign opened my eyes to the world of […]

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DREA’S Summer Playlist x Spotify

Calgary based lifestyle blogger Andrea Ewanishan shares the hottest spark{le} summer playlist on Spotify. LIsten, save it, love it.

Hayyy chicka How’s your summer going? Nice weather, lake, patio nights, ahhhhh the life. K but whats missing? SOME EFFING SICK TUNES. Have no fear, I got chu. K I made the BEST spark{le} summer playlist on Spotify for you babes. Think rooftop patio party style. It’s got everything from a bit of rap to EDM to Fergie. Tons of remix’s. Your friends are going to be asking you where you got these tracks so you can share this playlist by clicking on it and hitting “share”. There is enough love to go around. So hit that play button below and start getting ready cause you’re about to throw the sickest summer party yet.        For even more secrets make sure you follow me […]

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Brunch So Hard.

Calgary based lifestyle blogger Andrea Ewanishan shares the best brunch outfits & style. Featuring her favourite wardrobe essentials.

Morning sunshine!! How are we!? It’s currently Stampede weekend {numero 2} in YYC and I know some of you are struggling to sit up right now. Take it easy girl. Call for some h2o, a gatorade and my hangover smoothie.    Alright, next up. BRUNCH OUTFITS. It’s a thing right? Someone types that six-letter word into the group chat and you’ve got about 30 mins to get there cause we all know the line will be around the block. Sound familiar? Well WHAT are we going to wear?! I’ve put together my fav brunch outfits and I have to say I am LOVING everything.   x That t shirt?! LOVE IT. x Pair it with some jean shorts for a casual look. x Grab a cute phone case. […]

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Lip Fusion XXL is Life CHANGING.

Andrea Ewanishan, lifestyle blogger from Calgary, shares her latest gloss obsession, Lip Fusion XXL. This plumping gloss is everything!

I’m not even exaggerating. LIFE CHANGING. K so big lips. It’s a thing right now. Let’s all call a spade a spade..  Kylie has completely revolutionized lip gloss and the bigger the better {some might say, I beg to differ} ANYWAYS, I don’t love huge inflammed lips but sometimes, your pout needs some vavavoom and I am alllll for that #balance ALSO, you don’t need any filler, botox, etc etc. JUST ONE THING.   Lip Fusion XXL   It’s the ultimate gloss. Handz down. It’s perfect alone or over your fav lipstick. Lip Fusion XXL actually tastes and smells delicious and lasts the perfect amount of time. So when big lips are out, you don’t need to be re-evaluating your life choices.     For even […]

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