Summer Style 2016 Report

Hey girl hey OMG SUMMER!!!!  Best. But what’s even more amazing is that we get to wear super cute outfits while we enjoy this fab weather!!   SO WHAT DO WE WEAR?! Chill out, I’ve got you covered.   Summer Style 2016 Report     Summer Style 2016 // spark{le}     Do you love?!??!?   Okay sooooo here’s the H{it} List:   x Dainty chokers/necklaces. Feminine + dainty necklaces are so perfect for summer when you don’t wanna be wearing anything heavy. They look so pretty layered together. x Chunky sandals. Totally trendy!! I’m obsessed with the ones above. x Off the Shoulder. I love love love off the shoulder everything. It’s so flirty and girlie. My FAV. x Chic backpacks. Slick leather backpacks are IN. […]

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EVERYTHING Color Correction for $14

Andrea Ewanishan, lifestyle blogger from Calgary, explains color correction techniques that are used to create a flawless complexion.

Hay girl hayyyy So I tried this new thing and I’m obsessed with it. COLOR CORRECTION. Don’t be scared and also don’t think you CAN’T do it. You can, cause I can. Who here has wished they could have a perfect complexion for even just one day? You’ve come to the right place. OKAY and best part? YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND $312498 ON TOP BRANDS TO LOOK FLAWLESS! Step into my office.   Color Correction   I use the Color Correction Palette by NYX and I’m so obsessed. I actually had a nightmare my color correction palette’s colors all got smushed together and it was so devastating. I have issues. But honestly it’s so good and hELLO $14!?!??!?! It’s also so compact and portable. […]

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Nair SUGAR Wax :O

Nairs Sugar Wax review by the one and only Andrea Ewanishan! Calgary lifestyle blog.

Hey Sugar So we have to talk about something. Waxing. I know, we’re having some serious girl talk today. K but seriously how many of you wax? And IF SO, who does it themselves?… Uhmmm if you do, COMMENT YOUR TIPS BELOW PLZ.   But I’m gunna go ahead and toss ‘waxing’ out the window. I hate waxing. But what I don’t hate is sugaring. It’s basically revolutionary. I’ve been unable to see my YYC sugaring specialist for a bit {PS I’m totally going to do a Girl Talk with her and give you guys allllll the sugary secrets so stay tuned}. Therefore, when I saw this Nair SUGAR wax kit I thought ‘NEED to try this’. Second thought? Need to share my experience with […]

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY // & birthday outfit inspo

Drea Marie shares her fabulous birthday outfit picks.

GOOOOOOOD MORNINNGGGGG! OMG IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! Thank you thank you. Who else is obsessed with their birthday? I mean, aren’t we all?! It’s the one day you can wake up to champagne, cake & a crown and NO ONE thinks it’s obnoxious. So I thought I’d share with you all my BIRTHDAY OUTFIT IDEAS!!! “OMG What r u gunna wear?!” I mean isn’t that the MAIN question us besties ask each other? Especially on our birthdays. But first let’s start off with a little birthday queen bevy!   Drea Marie’s Birthday Starbucks Order Ask for a Grande Soy Americano Misto with 2 pumps {sugar-free, if avail} toffee nut.  I wrote about this order last year and hellloooo it’s back again, obv. SO YUMYY. Plus the extra americano gives you the […]

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