IT’S MY BIRTHDAY // & birthday outfit inspo

Drea Marie shares her fabulous birthday outfit picks.


Thank you thank you. Who else is obsessed with their birthday? I mean, aren’t we all?!

It’s the one day you can wake up to champagne, cake & a crown and NO ONE thinks it’s obnoxious.

So I thought I’d share with you all my BIRTHDAY OUTFIT IDEAS!!!

“OMG What r u gunna wear?!”
I mean isn’t that the MAIN question us besties ask each other? Especially on our birthdays.

But first let’s start off with a little birthday queen bevy!


Drea Marie’s Birthday Starbucks Order

Ask for a Grande Soy Americano Misto with 2 pumps {sugar-free, if avail} toffee nut. 

I wrote about this order last year and hellloooo it’s back again, obv. SO YUMYY. Plus the extra americano gives you the kick you’ll need to get through your day looking fabulous.


Okay also need to bake my FAV birthday cookies. They double as Easter cookies too. Check out the recipe here.

easter decor0


ALSOOOOO, MIMOSA’s are TOTALLY in. Check out last years recipe here. It’s my birthday fav. But also, make a batch of this and invite the girls over pre-birthday plans to giggle & get ready while sipping some Sangria.


+ Birthday Sangria!!

+ Toss a handful of ice cubes + several handfuls of frozen fruit into a pitcher
+ Add one 750ml bottle of sweet white wine {Moscato}
+ Add a cup of ginger ale
+ Fill the rest with sparkling water or club soda.





IT'S MY BIRTHDAY // spark{le}


Check out last year’s birthday post for even more ideas on what to do, wear and drink ;)


xxoo Drea Marie

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