Obsessing Over Summer Whites

There are few things I love more then the color white.
Seriously. White orchids, white nails, white + bright Instagram feeds, white bedding and of course white head-to-toe outfits.

Oh yeah I know it’s totally impractical but it’s SO CHIC. Crisp, bright, fresh summer whites are something I live for.
K also WHITE SNEAKERS, are a must. I’m in LOVE with mine. Plus, if they get dirty just pop them into the wash with a touch of bleach and you’re good to go again.
Leather? 1 word, protectant.

Not convinced? Okay well you ALSO don’t need to spend a ton on all white. Honestly.

I’ve compiled my FAV budget friendly all white outfit pieces so you too can frolic around all summer long in your super chic all white attire, without a worry in the world.


Summer Whites 


Summer Whites // spark{le}

Now go out and get your all white outfit NOW. Summer is the PERFECT time and do NOT worry about looking “bigger” in white. I know this saying is out there but that does not mean it’s true. LIVE IT UP!
Plus if you’re super worried about it {#dontbe} then just seek out one of the all white flowy rompers. Or pair your outfit with a light white kimono overtop.

NOTE: All of the white pieces featured in my header photo are from H&M. No joke. SO inexpensive but perfect. ****


PS Laptop still on life support. Send good vibes.  



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xxoo Drea Marie

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