Why Maxi Dresses are the Bee’s Knees

Hey girl hey

How’s everyone today? Wait can we start off with me apologizing for this short snapper today. My laptop had a mild panic attack and so I’m writing off my iPhone…. Yes iPhone. So everyone bear with me.. Ça va?

K today’s menu includes MAXI DRESSES ?.

Who loves them? Who wants to love them?

You’re at the right place. I have found the most FAB maxi dresses today.

Now there are a few tips that I use when picking/wearing a maxi dress:

x ALWAYS make sure the length is ideal. No tripping. Either get it hemmed or sometimes if I’m in a rush I just knot the bottom at the side so it hangs just grazing the floor. 

x Don’t go TOOOOO loose. Yes the beauty of maxi dresses is that you can eat an entire cow & still look fabulous. But if it’s not fitting either at the hips or in the chest/arms you may get lost in it.

x Prints, solids, whatever it may be, do it. I don’t care if you’re short and want a pattern or 9 feet tall and want a solid. Do it. I don’t think it’s going to make or break your outfit. 


Alright let’s check out the goods, finally.


Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses // spark{le}


Are you loving that velvet one? Or the striped?! Omg the green silk… K you guys I want them all! So get crackin’. Summer is the PERFECT time to dress up in a saucy maxi and so easy to wear.
Ciao for now Bella. 


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xxoo Drea Marie

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