SOOO this is exactly what happened to me.

I was actually stressing over a wedding registry.

How. Why.

Usually that should be fun right? WELLL when I met Adam, I already furnished my house completely… aaaand so did he.

To add to this, we aren’t currently living in our forever home. So we WILL be moving again in the future and the thought of outfitting this entire house made me think of clutter and another brutal month of packing and moving STUFF.

PLUS… What if our future home is a COMPLETELY different style then our current home?

I’m an over thinker. But these are legitimate questions when making a wedding registry.

Now comes the two hallmark suggestions. 

a) update your old college stuff you used to furnish your first home

b) ask for money towards a trip or date night idea

Okay so both are GREAT suggestions. Except I felt like I was going crazy trying to decide what I wanted to upgrade and again, the moving issue and furnishing for a future home kept creeping back in.

Second suggestion, we REALLY felt like the money would be better spent on future house items, we just had no idea what they would be yet! Plus, I feel like if someone is going to give money, they are going to give money. If someone is going to give a gift, they are going to give a gift so you might as well have a registry to help direct them rather than accumulating a bunch of things you already have.

First world problems, right?

Lastly, when it comes to a bridal shower, 80% of the time people give gifts. Weddings? Maybe 20% of the time. So having a small registry for the bridal shower is a great idea.

SO. Verdict? Small registry for the bridal shower and for those who are dead set on giving gifts. 

Next, the wedding registry options are endless! Bed Bath & Beyond, The Bay, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Amazon, on and on.

I’ve done ALL THE RESEARCH for you.


I picked Crate & Barrel and here is why.

x THE MOBILE APP is amazing. I added everything in store from my phone and edited it from the comfort of my couch at home. This is what I need in my life.

x You get 2 free stemless wine glasses when you pop in store and scan things for your registry!

x They also give you little notecards for slipping discreetly into your wedding or bridal shower invitations. LOVE.

x One of the best things, you get 10% off your wish list items for 6 months AFTER YOUR WEDDING!!!

x The mobile app also has a setting where you can add gift cards onto your registry for anyone who just can’t decide.

x Easy returns and exchanges, cause.. duh.

x Private registry events with drinks, food and helpful experts who can help you figure out what YOU need for your house and guest count


If you’re picking items for your wedding registry when you already have everything, stick to trendy serveware, barware and decor. This is the trick. Make a wedding registry of things you LOVE and will happily take to a new home.  Think of how it’ll look in an all white house or a modern minimalist house, go with things that will more than likely fit that vibe. 

You need to get to know cb2.

Cb2 is Crate & Barrel’s sister store. They are based in the USA and have two stores in Canada, Vancouver and Toronto.

BUT… huge but, they ship anywhere in Canada AND you can use Crate & Barrel gift cards at cb2.

So, if you receive a gift on your registry and don’t end up loving it, just return or exchange for a gift card to use at cb2.

I’ve included my Crate & Barrel registry below so you can have a look at what I personally am registering for. I really stuck to trendy serving platters, barware and decor since I wasn’t decided on dinnerware, flatware or bedding. You’ll ALWAYS use fun serving platters, coasters, wine glasses, etc.!



Comment below if you found this helpful and created a registry, where you made it from, what you added (maybe things I should add to mine… THNXXX). I’d absolutely love to find out which of my registry items you love too!!

xxoo Drea Marie

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