Morning gorg.

We need to talk about Garage clothing and Dynamite.

So I do not know WHO is on their buying team or what is going on but lately… they have the BEST spring/summer budget friendly finds. DON’T JUDGE.

I know you are literally saying ‘I haven’t been there since…. MAYBE Grade 7’…

Yes. I know. Cause I hadn’t either.

I was strolling through the mall with my friend Tyson and saw the CUTEST spring flowy dress in dynamite. Random. Went in and oh my gosh. SO MANY FINDS.

Right next door, Garage got me too. The trendiest marble swimsuit was on display. Ofcourse I forced Tyson to go in with me and sure enough I bought a swimsuit, a body suit, a shirt and dainty midi rings. 

THIS IS REAL. People are noticing AKA why I NEEDED to let you {my bffs} know ASAP.

One of my girlfriends called and said “okay I’m aT SIRENS…. and they surprisingly have the cutest white dresses/outfits”.

What is going on. The NEXT DAY Tyson texted me saying “The girls behind me are talking about dresses and Sirens and Garage and how they should give it a chance lmao”.

ALSO, life hack, sign up for emails with Garage and you get 10% off an IN STORE purchase. Also, online use code:RMN15G for 15% off and free shipping over $40. {you can always return in store}. 


Below are some of my FAVs from Garage and Dynamite.


Moral of the story, give Garage, Dynamite and Sirens a chance for spring/summer dresses and basic bodysuits. 

Also it’s Saturday, the perfect time for a trip to the mall.


xxoo Drea Marie

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