SOOO this is exactly what happened to me. I was actually stressing over a wedding registry. How. Why. Usually that should be fun right? WELLL when I met Adam, I already furnished my house completely… aaaand so did he. To add to this, we aren’t currently living in our forever home. So we WILL be moving again in the future and the thought of outfitting this entire house made me think of clutter and another brutal month of packing and moving STUFF. PLUS… What if our future home is a COMPLETELY different style then our current home? I’m an over thinker. But these are legitimate questions when making a wedding registry. Now comes the two hallmark suggestions.  a) update your old college stuff you used […]

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Absolutely Proposals + Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY!

Drea Marie is sharing an inside look at a brand new business in Calgary, AB; Absolutely Proposals. Specializing in proposals & event planning.

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY LOVERS! Ohhhh my goodness do I have the perfect Vday blog post for you today or WHAT. Today is the day for LOVE and that is exactly what we are celebrating. I am introducing a BRAND NEW YYC based company launching TODAY!! Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events is LIVE. YES! AND WE ARE HOSTING A MAJOR GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE! Not just to one, but THREE lucky winners!!!!! AKA If my math is correct, that means your chances of winning are even HIGHER. First, let’s get into the spirit of things with help from our friends over at Absolutely… JUICY PROPOSAL FACTS: National Proposal Day is March 20th Couples wait an average of 14 months after their proposal to get married. – Wedding Paper Divas […]

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