Absolutely Proposals + Valentine’s Day GIVEAWAY!

Drea Marie is sharing an inside look at a brand new business in Calgary, AB; Absolutely Proposals. Specializing in proposals & event planning.


Ohhhh my goodness do I have the perfect Vday blog post for you today or WHAT.
Today is the day for LOVE and that is exactly what we are celebrating. I am introducing a BRAND NEW YYC based company launching TODAY!!

Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events is LIVE.

YES! AND WE ARE HOSTING A MAJOR GIVEAWAY TO CELEBRATE! Not just to one, but THREE lucky winners!!!!!

AKA If my math is correct, that means your chances of winning are even HIGHER.

First, let’s get into the spirit of things with help from our friends over at Absolutely…
  • National Proposal Day is March 20th
  • Couples wait an average of 14 months after their proposal to get married. – Wedding Paper Divas
  • 27 % of brides to be said their first phone call following the proposal was their best friend. – Brides
  • The prong setting for engagement rings began in 1886 by Tiffany & Co. – Tiffany & Co.
  • White gold is the most popular ring choice {approximately 73% of all engagement rings}. – World Diamond Council
  • 56 % of women would rather have an amazing proposal instead of an amazing ring. – David’s Bridal
  • December is the most popular month to get engaged. 1 in 5 proposals happen in December. – The Knot & Wedding Bells
  • 61% of guys consult with their girlfriend before buying the ring. – Glamour
  • Only 37% of brides were completely surprised by the proposal. – Glamour

K wait though what is Absolutely Proposals & Romantic Events?

Well, let. me. tell. you.

Absolutely is a marriage proposal and romantic event planning business in the Calgary area. They specialize in capturing the moments that make their client’s loves stories special and create personalized + unique marriage proposals. Absolutely helps clients who lack the time, resources and creativity to make their romantic vision come to life. They also provide romantic event planning services including birthdays, anniversaries, date nights, engagement parties, etc.

They are true romantics, passionate about spreading more love. 

Sooo I know you and you’re probably asking but WHY?  

  • The benefits of using a proposal planner: save time, save money (through their business partnerships), less stress, confidentiality (they do ALL the booking and purchasing.. AKA no email/phone/purchase trail from you, WINNING).
  • Absolutely works within any budget. Each proposal is customized and therefore has a customized rate. They will work with their clients to create something wonderful that fits within their price range.
  • Each and every proposal or romantic event is completely personalized to meet the uniqueness of each couple. They meet and work with their clients to learn about them and their love story.

Okay, you’re convinced. Me too. But why Absolutely?

The thing that makes Absolutely stand out is their approach. Hands down. They focus heavily on getting to know their clients and all the intricate detail that make their relationship special. From the laughs they’ve shared to the memories that mean the most, Absolutely wants to know it all. Just like with Kelly-Anne and Cody {SCROLL DOWN}.

Absolutely Proposals2

Absolutely really emphasizes that each and every proposal and/or romantic event will be tailored and unique to their clients. Their local competitor offers “proposal packages” {ex. helicopter ride proposal} that can be purchased. Absolutely believes it is important to ensure their client’s partner feels the thought and creativity behind their proposal. They want to showcase how much their client’s partner means to them by working closely to create a personalized, memorable proposal. Make sure you read one of their client’s love stories below. SO FREAKIN’ CUTE.

Lastly, even if you’re not looking for a proposal planner, Absolutely offers other romantic events. Their competitors do as well {date nights, anniversaries}, however, Absolutely offers events that their competitors don’t. Before walking down the aisle there are many other events to organize {bachelor/ette parties, engagement party, bridal shower, etc.}. They work with clients to plan those events as well. After planning a client’s proposal, they have a close relationship with their clients which allows them to easily create events that suit their personalities and likes.

Valentine’s Day Package Giveaway
Three Package 1’s {Custom proposal ideas}: You want your proposal to be an unforgettable moment, but you have no idea where to begin. That’s our specialty! We’ll meet and get acquainted with both you and your love story. After gathering all the info we need, we’ll get to work creating two custom proposal ideas that are sure to leave your partner in awe. From there, you choose one of our carefully crafted ideas and run with it! You plan and organize everything leading up to the big day. If you’d like our help with planning and execution see package 3.
  • Coffee on us! We’ll sit down over a warm cup of coffee and chat. We have expertly designed questions that will help us get to know you, your partner and everything that makes you better together.
  •  Idea Presentation Five business days after our chat, Absolutely will present you with two or more proposal ideas tailored to your special relationship.
Cost: $150, but for this giveaway FREE!
HOW TO ENTER: Alright, easy peasy love bug.
  1. Go to MY INSTAGRAM {@dreamarieblog} and like the Absolutely giveaway photo.
  2. Make sure you’re following me. 
  3. Comment what your perfect date would be OR what you’re doing tonight to celebrate VDAY.
  4. Go to ABSOLUTELY’S INSTAGRAM {@absolutelyproposals} and FOLLOW them.

UPDATE: If you wanna be sneaky, follow myself & Absolutely, then direct message me on Instagram to enter :).

DONE!! The giveaway will close FRIDAY FEBRUARY 17TH AT 10PM MST {yyc time}.
I will announce the winners Saturday Feb 18th on Instagram and they will be contacted by Instagram direct message.
*winners must be in the Calgary, AB area*
Now if you’d like to contact Absolutely here is their FULL contact information!
Pinterest: @absolutelyYYC
Phone: 403-860-2565

Kelly-Anne & Cody’s Love Story

The Meet: Once upon a time, in Calgary, AB, there was a boy and girl who met outside Aberhart Highschool. The boy drove a Jeep and on that day in autumn of 2005 he gave the her a ride home from school. It was not love at first sight, in fact it was quite the opposite, he thought she was spoiled and she thought he was a jerk. They came from what seemed like 2 different worlds. However, one night while at a party they ended up sitting alone together and began to talk. What they soon realized was that they had many things in common, they had the same birthday, (WHHATTT) they both loved watching The O.C (still do ;) ) and their favourite song at the time was James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful.” They spent hours talking that night and their friendship grew from there. She soon realized he wasn’t a jerk, he could make her laugh till she cried, and he realized she wasn’t spoiled, she was loving and cared deeply about the people in her life. As the months went by their feelings started to grow from friendship into something deeper and on a freezing cold New Years Eve night (2006-2007), they finally admitted their attractions to each other.

The First Date: It was Valentines Day, the most cliche romantic day of all time, and thats the day they decided to have their first date, just to really put the pressure on and make them both incredibly nervous. She raced home from school because he was going to pick her up and take her out, she needed to get ready and look her best and she didn’t have much time. As she straightened her hair and fixed up her makeup in the bathroom, she asked her little sister to sit at the window and tell her when he arrived. She soon heard her sister yelling “he’s here, he’s here! And he has flowers!” She took a deep breath and tried to pry the giant smile off her face as to not look like a complete dork. He walked up her front steps, flowers in hand, feeling more nervous than ever before. She opened the door and there he stood, with 12 beautiful red roses, looking as adorable as ever. He looked at her and smiled, she had red lips and a red head band in her hair for valentines day, he felt excited to finally be going out with her. She took the flowers and put them in water and they left together, nervously driving to the restaurant called “Green Olive.” She was so nervous she just picked at her food, eating slowly, trying to not to get any pasta on her face, while he did the same, praying he wouldn’t drop any into his lap. They laughed and talked and eventually began to relax, having a wonderful first date. Though this was their first date, they did not become “Official” until March 4th, 2007. As they sat together on his couch, in his basement, arms wrapped tightly around each other he turned to her. He kissed her on the lips, looked into her eyes and asked her if they could officially become boyfriend and girlfriend. She smiled, felt the butterflies in her stomach fluttering around, kissed him back and said she would love to. And that began the love story of Cody Steele and Kelly-Anne McGillis.

Absolutely Proposals

Over the next 10 years the boy and girl started to grow up together, they became a woman and a man. They would have the best conversations and sometimes talk about the dumbest things and just laugh and laugh. They would tease each other relentlessly, and they balanced each other out in all the most important ways. They travelled together, from Mexico to Arizona, to Montana and to the East. They lived in many different homes together in Calgary, from the south to the north, and eventually found themselves in Cochrane, where they plan to spend the rest of their lives together. They spent as many weekends as possible driving to the mountains, spending their summers in Fairmont BC. This place became a second home to both of them, they planted trees, mowed lawns, renovated cabins, built fire pads and went rafting on one or two occasions. This is where they chose to say their vows, a place that will always be there for them.  



Well, my heart is melted. Off to go guzzle rosé and eat heart shaped bon bons. 

xxoo Drea Marie 

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