Leather Up

Hey Girl heyyyyy

Looks to me like fall is upon us. No biggy. Thanks to my ultra fab leather jacket collection.

LADIES. If you do not have a leather jacket this fall, LISTEN UP.

You NEED one. Need. Don’t try and pull the whole ‘leather jacket isn’t in my budget’ card either because I have found some steals for you. It’s all about the trend and style of leather jackets. I TRULY believe {if you can} splurging on one practical leather jacket is fair. Then finding budget friendly options for the ultra trendy pieces. It only makes complete sense. DUH.

So I will share with you babes my personal leather jacket collection along with some other options I’ve spotted. Don’t be afraid of leather. Its a quick and easy way to bring life and edgy-ness to almost any outfit. {keyword: almost}…

Enjoy lovers ;)

Turbo Cool Guide to Leather Jackets:

**NOTE: Embrace the leather! And calm down Miss Animal Rights, I’ve got some pleather for you ;)

1) A practical option that isn’t too edgy {personally the one I suggest splurging on if you can. Mine is featured below. click here for deets. }



2) An edgy bad ass biker option {personally I went the budget friendly route for this style, cause I knew I wouldn’t stop at just one… #oops. Mine is Zara, featured in the middle of the collage at the end of this post}.

You can achieve this look two ways… hard or soft. Totally depends on your personal preference. Here are two pieces I’m loving.

  • Soft and sleek


Mackage ‘Pina-F4’ Leather Jacket

  • Hard and Edgy

s14_10_004_52189_1274_off_f s14_10_004_52189_1274_on_f

Mackage ‘Florica – A Jacket’ Leather Jacket


3) Lastly, I believe everyone needs a leather biker vest {no I’m not joking}

Honestly, I wear mine ALOT. Paired with a skirt + long sleeve crop top, dresses or boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt. When it’s too hot for a leather jacket, the vest is on.. :)

HONESTLY, you’re gunna die when I tell you, I bought mine from garage clothing… for $22…… WHAT. I know. I can’t.

I could not find it online for you {so sad}, so go check out the store. I have added a veryyyyy similar style on the top left of the collage below. It is pricey but you get the look. For another budget friendly option check out American Eagle’s version.


Leather Up


Zara leather biker jacket
275 CAD – zara.com

Zara jacket
110 CAD – zara.com

Madewell zip up leather vest
310 CAD – madewell.com

Zara lined leather jacket
305 CAD – zara.com

Zara zip jacket
110 CAD – zara.com


xxoo Drea Marie

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