The FULL Hairstory PRODUCT Line.

Drea Marie is sharing the 411 on the FULL Hairstory product line! A total of 4 products and they are ALL you need. Promise.

My hair is LOVING me lately and it’s all thanks to Hairstory. Remember when like last week I posted on New Wash? Well, I’ve ventured into the entire product line of Hairstory.

There are 4 products, including New Wash.

Which I love. Simple, effective products that each have their own super power.

My favourite is Dressed Up. But I’m loving the edgy, cool vibe of Hair Balm and the effortless style of Undressed.

Let’s get into each one now.

Think roll out of bed, throw on your workout gear and run out the door with a banana for brekky in hand. But like, chic. AKA EFFORTLESS. Getting that runway model tom boy everyday vibe.

Dressed Up
Think 60’s glam. Big, voluminous curls. Sophisticated, put together, going out for date night. Waves, volume, curls. I love using my Tyme styler with this one.

Hair Balm
Think an edgy, piecey look. I squirt about a dime sized amount into my hand, rub it, apply onto damp hair and let hair air dry. CONFESSION: sometimes I use low air setting with my blow dryer because I mean… I’m impatient. Anyways, I never used to style my hair like this and I am having fun with Hair Balm. Also, with my Beachwaver, it creates mermaid beach waves. 

New Wash
GAHH, the holy grail. I was telling my hairstylist Julie and my friend Lauren how shockingly clean my hair is after I use it. Imagine slathering only conditioner onto your hair, rinsing and your hair being totally clean AND hydrating. And I pile on the dry shampoo people. Just being honest. Read more HERE.

I feel like I’m missing something so plz comment with any questions you have.


I’ve had a bunch of people ask where can us Canadians get our hands on some New Wash.

So I reached out to Hairstory and got the 411 for you.

New Wash is available directly on our website:, and yes, we do offer free shipping to Canada on all first orders and all New Wash Club orders, with $5 flat rate shipping on anything after that. And although, we do not sell directly to retailers in Canada, we do sell to several salons across the country. If any of your readers would like to find a salon near them, they can contact our customer service team directly at [email protected].

Hairstory actually ships to Canada for the same low flat rate shipping fee that it does in the US… $5 USD. AND free shipping on your first AND New Wash Club orders…. is this real life?!

So go ahead.. CLICK HERE and get your order started!! 

UHMAZING. So now we can all have luscious locks and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on here, Instagram, FB, etc. on how you like Hairstory. I wanna chat. I always wanna chat.

xxoo Drea Marie


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