Super Sexy Summer Party Ideas


How are we today?! I hope you’re enjoying your summer.

To make it even BETTER I have some top secret summer party ideas to let you in on :)
They involve mostly food, a liiiiiiittle decor and just the right amount of sexy.
So call up the girls cause we’re having a super sexy summer party.

Super Sexy Summer Party Ideas

Okay so you should totally throw a party. Don’t worry, I’ll help out.
A couple easy peasy ideas and you’re golden. Who doesn’t love summer and booze and snacks?

Let’s start it off with a bang.



OMG I LOVE WATERMELON. It’s my dessert these days. So refreshing, sweet and perfect. Why not take this melon next level and infuse it with some voddy ;)



  • 1 watermelon; halved
  • 1 bottle of flavored vodka {I suggest lime, citrus, mint, omg the options are endless}
  • Optional: fresh mint


  1. Okay make some holes in the melon flesh with a knife or corer if you’re fancy.
  2. SLOWLY pour half the bottle into each melon half; let it absorb and create more holes when needed.
  3. Pop those babies in the fridge overnight or a couple days.
  4. Pre-party: chop the halves however you like {I like cubes}.
  5. Top with chopped up fresh mint.
  6. ENJOY but be careful, that melon knows how to party.


You guys I actually think I’ve perfected guacamole. Okay that’s a HUGE statement but so is this recipe.



  • 2 perfect avocados {at the store pick off the little bump at the top of the avo, how it looks is a sneak peek of whats inside}
  • A squeeze of lime {or a couple drops of lime juice from a bottle}
  • Approx 1/8 of a white onion; chopped
  • 1 green onion; chopped
  • Dashes of Hy’s seasoning salt {TOP SECRET}
  • Dash of salt and pep
  • 1 or 2 roma tomatoes; chopped

**Serve with your choice of low cal chips or veggies**


  1. Slice open the avocados {best feeling ever}, peel off the skin and pop into a medium sized bowl. Use a fork to mash the avocados entirely. IF your avo’s are really firm you can nuke them in the microwave for a couple seconds at a time until they soften up.
  2. Literally just mix in all the ingredients listed.

A couple more snacks I usually serve are mixed nuts, Veggie Straws, BoomChickaPop popcorn and Goldfish {I feel like goldfish is a really cute summer party idea… am i right or just crazy? Who knows}

Appie Skewers

My fav summer party ideas for meal time are skewers. Chicken usually. BUT to mix things up try these Appie Skewers. That way you don’t need to worry about BBQ’ing and focus your time on more important things, like that Vodkamelon.


  • Cheese cubes {tiny boccacini balls, cheddar cubes, mozza, whatever you like}
  • Meat {pepperoni sticks cubed, slices of ham, proscuitto rolled up}
  • Olives {I like marinated black ones}
  • Marinated artichoke hearts
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Pickled anything {pickles, jalapenos}
  • Bamboo skewers


  1. Literally just spear on what you want and serve. Quick, easy to carry around the party and super tasty.

Island Way Sorbet
{Not dairy-free but totally cute}


THESE ARE THE BOMB. It’s sorbet literally IN A REAL FRUIT. Omg I don’t know why but I’m so obsessed with this. Your friends will be super impressed. They are not dairy-free {boo} but the calories range from 70-150 depending on which fruit sorbet you choose. Ofcourse my favorite is the piña colada in a REAL COCONUT SHELL… the 150 calorie choice, but you guys…. YOLO.



{available at Costco}



OKAYOKAYOKAY right now Costco has these really gorgey Orchids in pots on for $15.99…. The BEST centerpeice for your sexy summer party. I love it.

FullSizeRender 2


You guys I literally saved the best idea last… Remember those Island Way sorbets in the REAL FRUIT SHELLS? Well… USE THE SHELLS AS LITTLE BOWLS!!!!!!! Literally losing my mind over how cute this is.

FullSizeRender 4

Okay so I hope you all have the summer party fever like I do. Until next week sweet cheeks ;)

FullSizeRender 3


xxoo Drea Marie

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