Cleansing Oil is Everything

Yes. Cleansing Oil. Cleansing with Oil.

No. You won’t break out.

INFACT, cleansing oil will actually clear up your skin….
*pause for audible gasps of disbelief*


My name is Drea and I was a skeptic too.

Today I’m giving you a crash course on everything you need to know about cleansing oil and also the best products to buy.


The 411 on Cleansing Oil:


+ It uses “good oils” to rid of those icky ones
Okay so I’m throwing it back to jr. high science class for a second. Basically, when the good cleansing oils are massaged into your skin they bind {aka grab onto for dear life} to the clogging impurities {AKA makeup, dirt, bacteria} and are happily rinsed away leaving your skin clear, hydrated and radiant.

+ It won’t clog your pores
Think about it. The good oils have their hands full grabbing onto the bad impurities. They don’t have time to clog up your pores. Trust in the grade 8 science.

+ Toss out the makeup remover
No need for that anymore. Cleansing oils effortlessly rid of even the most stubborn makeup. Just gently massage into your face/eyes and watch the makeup lift and bind into the oil, then rinse away.

+ It also improves your skins appearance
Cleansing oil usually contains a mixture of botanical oils, extracts and/or vitamins to address specific skin concerns. Sephora has a variety of options. I highly suggest visiting your nearest location and having an educated Sephora employee find you the perfect cleansing oil for your skin concerns.

Below are a few of my personal favs:


x Shiseido’s Perfect Cleansing Oil is the first cleansing oil I ever used. Unreal.

x Boscia Make-up Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil is what I’m currently using.
It’s puuurrrfekt for summer time.
It finishes your skin off with a cool fresh feeling which is exactly what I need after long hot summer days.

x Josie Maran’s Argan Cleansing Oil I actually have yet to try but I’ve only heard good things
{so hello, let me know if you test it out}.

x Shu Uemura is the face of cleansing oil.
They ARE cleansing oils.
With half a century of cleansing oil expertise to back them up, without a doubt you will be lookin’ fresh after using any of their products.


Cleansing Oil


Shu uemura exfoliating facial cleanser
120 CAD –

Shiseido facial cleanser
41 CAD –

Boscia beauty product
13 CAD –



xxoo Drea Marie

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