The New MacBook Pro 2016 is LEGIT.

OH HIIIII did you forget about me?

HOW WAS EVERYONE’S NEW YEARS?! Or are we not talking about that night yet? Fair.

New subject.

Who needs a new laptop? Who has been constantly deleting files and having temper tantrums when their laptop slows down to 1990 dial up speed? I HEAR YA.

It’s a different world. A much faster world. If Mom doesn’t text me back in 1 minute I assume she’s given up on me. Kidding Mom. But we are all expecting lightning speed in every aspect of our lives now. It’s just our generation.

SO when my MacBook Air from first year University was having a panic attack with every photo upload I would calmly tell myself ‘One day… one day we will move past this.’

That day came. Christmas morning.

My UHHMAZZZING boyfriend surprised me with the brand new MacBook Pro 2016 AVEC touch bar. 


He had me at touch bar with emojis. 

For those of you who would ALSO like it to work beautifully, it does that too. 

I mean honestly, my phone now has more storage than my MacBook Air did. 

ALSO, the MacBook Pro 2016 is THINNER/SMALLER than my old MacBook Air BUT the screen is bigger. 


I am SO obsessed. Just as much as I imagine Miley is with Liam. 

As I’m typing this I totally realized I haven’t taken a side by side of my new laptop vs old laptop. So I’m gunna do that. Like now. So check back today for more pixxxx.

I think one of my FAVORITE parts is the Touch ID sensor. So quick to log in AND it also connects to Apple Pay for online purchases. 


It’s so big, so much better.

I don’t know if I was just really used to my older laptop but the screen is INSANE on this MacBook Pro 2016. Everything is so much clearer and the colours are SO bright/clear. Very important for a blogger.

No USB port? No problem. I mean it took me awhile to realize it so that explains how much I really care but you can now get this attachment to solve all of your problems. Depends what you use your laptop for but I really doesn’t bother me and if I was still a student, I don’t imagine it bothering me either.

I DID, also get this USB adapter for my laptop in my stocking {bf thinks of everything}. So thats perf. Anyways, Apple did this because the NEW USB ports are actually this type of plug for the port. Basically they are ahead of the game. 



Also, it’s Ukrainian Christmas soooooo

щасливого Різдва!

I’ll be eating perogies and cabbage rolls all night. Like ALL night. 

xxoo Drea Marie

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