How to Create the Perfect Flat Lay

Drea Marie is sharing how to create the PERFECT flat lay. Whether you're a blogger, photographer or avid Instagrammer, this is for you.

Today I’m spilling my tips + tricks on how to create the perfect flat lay. It’s mayyyyybe a little blogger/photographer directed. OR it’s also for anyone looking to step up their IG game. Cause we all know Instagram is life. JK calm down. Numero uno, it takes practice and TONS of playing around. BUT I can lay out {ha..ha} some pretty easy guidelines for you to follow to create the perfect flat lay. Wait what is a flat lay? A flat lay is a photography technique used to showcase products or tell a story. Basically it’s rearranging objects or materials on a surface in a way that captivates your followers/audience. I do a lot of flat lays. Like a LOT. And I’ve learned a few things. […]

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The New MacBook Pro 2016 is LEGIT.

OH HIIIII did you forget about me? HOW WAS EVERYONE’S NEW YEARS?! Or are we not talking about that night yet? Fair. New subject. Who needs a new laptop? Who has been constantly deleting files and having temper tantrums when their laptop slows down to 1990 dial up speed? I HEAR YA. It’s a different world. A much faster world. If Mom doesn’t text me back in 1 minute I assume she’s given up on me. Kidding Mom. But we are all expecting lightning speed in every aspect of our lives now. It’s just our generation. SO when my MacBook Air from first year University was having a panic attack with every photo upload I would calmly tell myself ‘One day… one day we will move […]

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Welcome to spark{le} style blog

Welcome to spark{le} life style blog I am thrilled you could join to help celebrate the birth of spark{le} !!!!!! If you haven’t already, click here to learn a bit more about what it has to offer :) I want this to be a fun, free spirited, light hearted, loving blog that inspires you to try new things. Posts will start weekly and increase as time goes on. Feel free to ask questions by commenting below. Unlike my former teachers, I believe we should be chatty ;) So relax, unwind and get some beauty sleep because spark{le}’s first post goes live tomorrow. xxoo Drea Marie                              

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