My Girl Rachelle Diamond, The BBCAN2 Contestant

Morning sunshine!

I know you all were itching during the week to see what I had up my sleeve for today’s post. WELL, you’re in luck. This MAY be my favourite yet. And it’s because I get to feature my best friend Rachelle Diamond,

The Big Brother Canada 2 Contestant.

Who doesn’t love a caring, witty, totally over the top stunner? I mean seriously, this girl has got it all. And I’m just lucky enough to be friends with her {totally awesome}.

If you are any bit like myself, reality TV is a staple on the PVR. It’s hilarious, entertaining and I just always wonder what REALLY goes on behind the scenes. Well, my prayers were answered when my bestie was chosen from THOUSANDS to make it on the show. I was counting down the days to ask… what ACTUALLY went on….

And just because I like you… I’ll share those answers

Enjoy ;)

Girl Talk with Rachelle Diamond

Hey babe, so tell us a little about yourself:

OH HEY girl hey.

WELL my name is Rachelle Diamond, Shaina is the middle name. I am 21 years old, and would describe myself as an outgoing nerd who loves to have fun. Oh and I love cookie dough.

You were a contestant on Big Brother Canada 2?! How the hell was that?!:

It was absolutely psychotic to say the least, but also the coolest experience of my life. I mean, who gets the chance to be locked up in house for 75 days with a bunch of young, hot, outrageous people?

But seriously, was it weird?:

Being disconnected from the outside world {yes people: no cells aka no tinder, internet, phones, or even letters unless you win them} was so weird but was also very relaxing in a weird way. You learned to concentrate and engage with the people around you, instead of with your followers on instagram.

What was your favorite part/least favorite part?:

My favorite part of being on the show was meeting friends for life, and sharing an experience none of us could ever forget {although trust me at times I want to}. The hardest part was not talking to my friends and family back home; it was hard not knowing what they were up to.

Who was the most outrageous?:

Well ALL of us are outrageous, but my fellow alliance member of the gremlins Sabrina took the cake. She cried, yelled, and made it known EVERYWHERE she went. She’s a great girl, but most definitely outrageous. 

Did you go crazy having to share a bathroom with like 7 people….:

EW. Yes. 7….make it 15. COMMUNAL CO-ED. That’s pretty much all I need to say about that. Tampons, boys going to the bathroom, and beard trimmers…

Was it hard to stay fit and true to your diet in the house?:

IMPOSSIBLE. I am super healthy in my own home, because I make sure there aren’t treats around to tempt me. In the BBCAN2 house there are SO many delicious treats. It’s also very hard to have a workout routine there. I am a yogi back home, but we had zero yoga mats, no music, and 14 others watching to see how athletic you are at all times #notmotivatingatall. The only thing that kept me from completely eating a million ice cream sandwiches, was remembering that millions were watching me. 

Did you ever totally get comfortable and forget cameras were on you 24/7?:

HA. Google ‘Rachelle Diamond’s hottest moments’. It’s literally a montage of me ‘being too comfortable’. I never forgot the cameras were there {It would be hard too as there are 80 of them}, but I one hundo did get very used to them.

Did anything hilarious happen that wasn’t aired?:

Everyday! So little is aired on TV, but we are all a bunch of crazies. I twerked a lot.

Did you think ‘Jeda’ was just a serious friendship or did you know they would date after the show?:

I always thought there were feelings there, it was quite obvious. They really pushed the friendship card though, and I think after it was pushed enough I just kind of forced myself to believe it. JEDA are now in love, and I was right {As always}.

Okay so it’s obvious you were our favorite on Big Brother, but now we need to know….. how do you get that killer bod?! What are your diet/workout tips?:

  • Diet: For me it’s all about portion size. If I crave ice cream, I will have a little. I try to opt for healthy options such as frozen yogurt or skinny cow. I usually eat spelt bread in the morning, which is super good for you and filling. I then have a snack for lunch, and usually a fairly healthy dinner. My meals are always healthy, and then my snacks are where I cheat. I love salty and sweet {sadly}.
  • Workouts: I do hot yoga 5-7 times a week. It’s a super fun way to stay in shape. It tones your muscles, while still getting your heart rate up {It’s hot and you are constantly flowing through poses}. I also do Orange Theory fitness about twice a week. It’s a group personal training class, an hour long, and a mix of cardio and muscle building. I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as yoga, BUT it kicks my booty into shape.

What brands/stores do you shop at on the reg?:

My most frequently visited shop is Aritzia. I find their clothing quite classy, yet edgy. I also love Zara, YU fashion, free people, and loft 82. Right now I am really into converse, they are making a comeback people. OH I almost forgot my fav type of clothing: ROMPERS. I own about ten … short, long, black, purple, white you name it. I find them so easy to where, yet so cute to look at. You can dress them down with converse, or up with heels.

What are your all time fav skincare products?:

I am obsessed with Amore Pacific skincare products. Its very pricey, but it works people. The day cream, and oil face wash are the items I splurge on. 

All time fav makeup products?:

Diorshow mascara makes my lashes look amazeballs, my only complaint is it doesn’t seem to last me as long as other mascaras but its so worth it. My favorite perfume is Viktor & Rolf flowerbomb. This perfume is floral, yet musky, so it’s not sickly sweet. Last but not least, makeup4ever HD foundation is amazing! 

BTW, did Sabrina {the makeup artist} give you any sweet makeup tips?:

Yes she taught me how to contour! It’s crazy all of the ways to change your face with makeup; sadly I don’t have nearly enough patience to do it.

What is {the spark} in your day you just can’t live without?:

{the spark} in my day is my Starbucks, and my mom. I cannot go a day without my darling Starbucks, it’s a problem. Skinny vanilla latte’s and Oprah chai’s are my drinks of choice. My mother is my rock, and a day without her is an awful one. 


xxoo Drea Marie

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