IT’s THAT TIME OF YEAR // Festival Style 2016

Hey wild child
It’s effing April. WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?
Regardless, April marks the kick off of FESTIVAL SEASON!!!
Whether you’re frolicking amongst the palm trees at Coachella or navigating your way through the high rises at Governors Ball, one thing is forsure….. You’ve got to look good. 
Thank gawwwd we have a liiiiiittle bit of time to get your outfits together but we’ve got to start NOW.
A couple things are certain, we have to look good and we also have to be PRACTICAL. Not being practical = complaining = no fun = you spent all this money on a ticket just to sulk. NOT HAPPENING.
So first on the hit list is shoes.
Flats. FLATSFLATSFLATS. ughhh and also try to cover your heels…. sounds weird but have you ever been caught in dry desert heat with inch deep cracks in your heels? Well I have and let me tell you the guys in the medical tent did not think it was so cute.
Plus sandals mean you have dirty alcohol/dirt covered feet for a week, but if you must, just wash your feet before bed.
Festival Footwear 
Festival Footwear // spark{le}


x Chokers
x Print rompers/dresses
x Kimonos/Sweater {It actually gets super cold at night even at Coachella}
x Cross body bag or backpack
x Embroidered Shorts/Pants <– @night
x Tons of jewlery you guys! Like a lot. It’s allowed.
x Crop Tops
x Fun Swimsuits
Also, I mentioned this last year but seriously if you’ve been wanting to try out a certain trend but you’re unsure if you’ll like it PUHHLEASE try it out at Coachella or any other festival. It’ll give you the confidence to add it to your everyday style. 
Festival Style
Festival Style // spark{le}


Obsessed with Velvet Sphynx Swimwear you guys.
OMG is this not to die for?! PLUS they have a BILLION different styles with cut outs, strings, and fun trendy prints. You can even pair this suit with some ripped black jean shorts and those Saint Laurent boots {I wish, right?} for the coolest festival outfit.
IG: @VelvetSphynxSwim
{photo from Foray Collective}
Guys if you want even MORE Festival inspo check out my Pinterest Board HERE and also last years festival style post here.
Now stay tuned for this week as I will be posting a Festival Survival Kit with beauty & purse essentials that are EVERYYYTHINGG.
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