What He Thinks About That Outfit.

What Do Men ACTUALLY Like?

Guys typically think we are hard to please. But if I get one more awkward look when I rock my super-trendy-super-baggy silk pants I’m going to freak. I mean seriously, talk about hard to please.

So what do we wear if we wanna impress the guy? Womens clothes that guys like ….. does that even exist?

I mean we coooould just use Tinder as an outfit survey app {1st or 2nd outfit choice Tod…..}
let’s avoid the pervy comments and instead scroll down for all the secrets on clothes guys like and don’t like ;)

The  Guide to What Styles Guys Like + Don’t Like:

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT suggesting we always dress for men. But if Christina is devastated she hasn’t had a second date in forever and it’s cause of her lucky first date cropped flares… Well, I can help Christina out. This post is directed to the female audience looking for male date night style advice.

Clothes Guys DON’T LIKE:

  1. Baggy Pants.
    Numero uno baggy pants. Guys don’t like them. Unless the guy is metro or super into fashion {hollaaaa!}, the majority of men would rather the baggy-ness be left at home.
  2. Shapeless Dresses.
    Since we’re on the topic of baggy-ness, shapeless dresses that rival Cirque du Soleil’s tents are a no no. Belt it, tailor it, or just leave it at home. Mystery is good but we’re not magicians, give yourself some shape girl.
  3. High Waisted Pants.
    I’ve touched on this before. Just trust me, majority of men don’t understand this trend.
  4. Wizard of Oz Attire.
    Yeah Anthropologie has some amazing pieces! However, Chad is only going to wonder where ToTo is when you come skipping around the corner in a mess of ruffles, pleats and giant artsy buttons. Don’t over do it!
  5. Flats at Night.
    If you’re going out for a drink at night flats can give off a “I don’t care” kinda vibe. Save them for date no. 2 at the mini golf course.
  6. Cardigans.
    Stop it.


Golden Rule: Guys wanna be + feel like the man when courting a lady so try to avoid anything masculine.


Clothes Guys LIKE:

  1. Rompers.
    We <3 Rompers, GUYS <3 Rompers… Swipe Right. IT’S A MATCH. They love a good jumpsuit too!!
  2. Mini Skirt + Short Shorts.
    Guy’s love both. A little skin goes a long way. Pair with a conservative top and you’re good to go hot stuff. High waisted skirts are also a hit.
  3. Skinny Jeans
    Not flare or boyfriend. Skinny Jeans. Promise promise promise!
  4. Off the Shoulder + Backless Tops + Crop Tops
    Like I said before, a little skin goes a long way. These styles are super sultry and give just the right spark of sexiness to any outfit.
  5. Fitted Dresses
    You have an amazing body. Show it off in the classiest way possible. Super self-conscious? Wear a conservative long sleeve form FITTED dress. If you follow the 2/3 rule you’ll be fine… Show off two fav areas and cover up the rest. Show off the legs and back, cover the chest. PS: A dress in ANY occasion is appropriate. ‘The girl wearing the dress‘ is always the best dressed there.
  6. Heels
    The Holy Grail. Heels lengthen, slim and give you the biggest confidence boost {other then a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio}. Plus, GUYS LOVE HEELS. Just not those creepy Lady Gaga ones.
  7. Strappy/ Lace Bras + T’s
    Check out my post here for the 411 on Strappy Bralettes. Guys are loving this trend and so am I.

OKAY so yeah, ofcourse by now you’re all like “Okay Drea, WE GET IT, guys like everything short and tight.” BUT, thats not the case. Think about it this way… We do NOT need to wear a plunging neckline with a mini skirt, however, wearing a FLATTERING outfit will leave him wanting more.



What He Likes



ALSO, check out Marilyn Denis’ piece on Date Fashions below. Loving all the combos and similar to the type of outfits explained above! <3 it!

xxoo Drea Marie

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  1. Love this post! So hilarious and so true! Especially about the high waisted jeans! And Tom agrees with it all! Show off those lovely curves and exude confidence.



    1. I generally agree being a man, but I’m going to provide a different perspective. The question is what type of person are you trying to attract? If you are the type of person who is fashion forward and wants somebody who appreciates it, why wouldn’t you flaunt out a piece that is not “short and tight” right off the bat? If I went on a date with a girl and she threw out a sick outfit even if it wasn’t short or tight, that gains my respect and admiration right off the bat. I know that I am not tailoring my outfit to suit what I think she will like, why should she?

      1. Hey!
        Thanks for the perspective! I agree with what you are saying, however, this post was written more towards women who are looking for style and fashion advice for date night! I have written multiple fashion posts regarding fashion forward trends and how to style them as fashion has many different definitions and angles. Any fashion advice has negative connotations because it puts one style ahead of another when the reality is we should all do what makes us happy. Let’s just say, those super baggy silk pants I own are still going to be worn as they should ;)
        PS: love and appreciate fashion forward men, as written in the post, but this post was written regarding the majority.

        Much Love,
        Drea Marie

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