Online Shopping 101

Good Morning Sugar

 I hope you are all relaxed, sipping some fat-free-dairy-free hazelnut coffee aswell. I am, also, about to begin my Saturday morning online shopping. If you know me, you know I online shop like nobody’s business. It’s a skill {or a curse, whatever}. ANYWAYS, this blog is where I like to share my secrets, so here we go.

Online Shopping 101

***Disclaimer: Drea Marie takes no responsibility for any maxed out credit cards***

Measure up.

First, find a measuring tape. This part is VERY important. Online shopping fear #1 is buying something that doesn’t fit. Not gunna sugar coat it, it happens and it SUCKS. So avoid this by measuring and recording your measurements in your notebook or phone. Do your bust, waist {smallest part} and hips/butt {largest part}.

Find those sites girrrrrl

Okay. My gfs are always asking “What sites do you shop at?“. Well, I’m constantly finding new ones through blogs, ads on my fav sites and magazines. Here is a list of my go-to online shopping sites:

HauteLook {TONS of different designers, all the time}
Sephora {free if you spend over $75}
Aritzia {free if you spend over $150}
TopShop {great trendy, affordable pieces}
Esther Boutique {LOVE this one}
Nasty Gal {great for party dresses}
2020Ave {I’ve found great dresses from this one}
Hot Miami Styles {Vegas trip? Click here}
Sabo Skirt {super cute summer clothes}
MissGuided {another great dress site}
Quontum {Saucy body-con dresses}
Milk & Honey Boutique
BaubleBar {FAV jewelry store}
River Island {super cute blazers/jackets}
The Outnet {SUPER discounted designer clothing}
Hello Molly {awesome dresses}


The holy grail of online shopping. Free shipping? Bookmark that gem and never let it go. Here are a few of my favz. ALSO, make sure you check out Red Flag Deals for when certain sites have free shipping promotions happening. Sign up for your fav stores emails as they send out notifications of when free shipping is goin down.

SSense {Pricy but wait for their sales #WorthIt}

When in doubt, go big.

IMPORTANT. Throw the insecurities out the window and stop the “Well, I’ll probably fit it after my celery and water diet week”. NO, THIS IS A MISTAKE. When in doubt, go for the bigger size. You can ALWAYS take it in at a tailor {then just rip out the size tag if you’re having a panic attack about it}.

When all fails, Kijiji is your friend.

RARELY, and I mean very rarely, have I been unable to return something. If in doubt make the customer service phone call and see what they can do if you need to return something. Don’t feel like you’re married to your poor purchase. Kijiji is your friend and will be there when all else fails. Who knows, maybe you’ll make an extra buck or two for your inconvenience.

Now strap in and fire up your web browsers people, it’s time to shop.

xxoo Drea Marie

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